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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Anywhere The Radioactive Wind Blows - Godzilla

If you’ve got the money and the panache—I have one of those things, unfortunately not the first one—you might consider having your very own Godzilla weathervane.

Designed and manufactured by West Coast Weather Vanes of Santa Cruz, California, U.S. in 2013 for a customer, the Godzilla weathervane is, first and foremost, a work of art.

It is a one-off design weathervane, but I’m thinking that the company would create more customized versions if you asked nicely.

According to the company website, the Godzilla weathervane was originally designed by modifying the head and lower body of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It makes me wonder if they already had a T-Rex model to work with… which, if so, is pretty cool, too!

Anyhow, they obviously then added the dorsal plates to the T-Rex’s back - non-radioactive plates, I should note. They actually described these plats as being akin to a Stegosaurus.

Who the heck are these people at West Coast Weather Vanes, and why do they know so much about dinosaurs! LOL!

They then said that the created the Godzilla look by adding in Iguanodon forearms and neck - again with the dinos!

Then used a crocodile to inspire the tail and skin on the Godzilla weathervane.

It seems like a lot of trouble… could they not have simply asked the customer WHICH Godzilla version he liked, and used the creature from that particular movie as the weathervane model? You don’t have to pull out the dinosaur encyclopedia to do this. (I have a couple of those.)

I’m just trying to be helpful.

For coloration purposes, you can see that the Godzilla is a copper color… which is just wrong, right? Godzilla is green… or black, if you’ve only seen the Black and White Godzilla movie from 1954 or are colorblind.

Yeah, well, West Coast Weather Vanes ain’t a bunch of dummies.

Copper turns green from oxidation… so they figured it would be a much cooler thing if the Godzilla came by its green patina naturally.

The customer wanted gold leaf on: the radioactive fire being spewed from its mouth; Godzilla’s teeth, chest, parts of the dorsal plates, claws and toes. I’m pretty sure that won’t oxidize, but it will look spectacular once the copper turns green over the years.

Man, how long does that take?

Oooooh… 15 to 20 years… I just looked that up… I hope the weathervane owner is a young man.

I’m being sexist, but I just don’t see a woman saying: “Hey, honey! I’ve got a great idea of what we can do today! Let’s get a new weathervane - even though we don’t have a barn… and let's go away from the traditional weathervane designs of a rooster, eagle or witch on a broom and get one of Godzilla!"

I mean, yeah… I wish…. but not too likely.

By the way… check out the image below… see how Godzilla is knocking down the human-sized telephone lines? That’s brilliant! What a nice touch!

You can tell that the folks at West Coast Weather Vanes really know their stuff!

Pricing starts (that’s the important word “starts”) at US$2,495 for a small weathervane; $5095 for a medium; and $6,595 for a large, but of course pricing depends on design modifications and options selected… but what the heck… if you have the money for a small, you can find the money for a large… and who the heck wouldn’t want a LARGE Godzilla weathervane? Probably some Gamara-lovin’ punk.

I like Gamara, too… just not as much as Gojira/Godzilla - the King of the Monsters.

Anyhow… a Godzilla weathervane… how cool is that?

Visit and see about getting your lizard.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Headline is a paraphrasing of a line from the classic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody “Any way the wind blows”

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