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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Calling All Goldfish Lovers!

This isn’t an invention, nor is it new, but it is a Japanese art project from about six years ago.

Back in 2012, the Kingyobu (gold fish club, pronounced “goldfish club… okay, in Japanese, it is pronounced as kin - geeyo - boo)began filling up their own aquariums designed to look like telephone booths (something that are rarely seen nowadays, as even I finally got a cellphone this year)… and then filling the art aquarium with hundreds upon hundreds of standard orange colored, non-fantail goldfish, as part of Osaka’s Canvas Project art festival…

However, a year earlier at the same festival, the same group brought out a single telephone aquarium as a test…

The Kingyobu are made up of students from the Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Conceptually beautiful, what I can tell from the photos is that there is some sort of aeration system pumping oxygen bubbles up from the bottom to oxygenate the aquariums so visitors wouldn’t see hundreds of fish gasping for air at the top all at once.

Got an aquarium? See your goldfish floating at the top sucking air? Clean your damn tank. It might look clean with the poop tucked down in t, but they pee in there, too.

While goldfish might not need an aerated aquarium if there are a limited number of fish, the smaller air surface as seen in the phone booth aquarium above was smartly recognized by the Kingyobu to need an aeration system.

Feeding them must be fun.
Same with fishing out the dead ones… as you know there’s going to be a few that simply couldn’t handle the stress of being shipped and moved into their new environment.

“Come on Shinobu, let’s go look at the art aquarium!”

Yes… always make sure your art projects don’t involve too much death.

Cool idea.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Photos from the Kingyobu Facebook page:

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