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Friday, March 31, 2017

Drinking At The Kaiju Monster Bar

Firstly - Happy birthday to my buddy, Rob!

Now... check out the image above... it looks like the lobsterfest to end all frickin' lobsterfests!!!

But no... it's something else... something else that was in existence, but no longer is in existence...  an on-purpose limited-time thing.

Back in March of 2014 through April of 2015, a Japanese bar called Kaiju Sakaba was in existence.

It was a bar/restaurant geared towards fans of the Ultraman superhero television show, but not for fans of the superhero himself… rather this bar was for the fan of the kaiju (Big monster) villains who attempted on a weekly basis to rid the galaxy of Ultraman.

Kaiju Sakaba (怪獣酒場) is located in Kawasaki-shi, Japan - in front of the JR Kawasaki train station.
Ultraman baddies...
While indeed a celebration of the monster bad guys kaiju, it also provides the visitor with the chance to eat cuisine that is designed to look like the kaiju themselves, which… if you think about it, is completely wrong.

Since this Kaiju Sakaba is an homage to the kaiju that battle Ultraman, shouldn’t the food look like Ultraman?

I’m just sayin’…
Holy smokes! Mr. Krabs on the right is packing! I love how he looks like a samurai warrior otherwise.

And what is with those pointy nipples on the one in the kaiju in the middle? In the back row…

And look what the young woman on the left is holding… a meal that look looks similar to the kaiju at the far left.

That’s just wrong… it’s like eating a tuna fish sandwich in front of your goldfish aquarium.

Statuettes of the many Ultraman kaiju monsters. 
Anyhow… the place is gone now… but who knows when it will pop up again?

As always, I’ll be here to present the information as quickly after the fact as I can.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Bonsai, is of course the Japanese term for tree bondage when dwarfing a tree into a miniature version of itself. Tree bondage because copper wires are wrapped around the tree limbs to shape it, as the bonsai master clips the trees roots and leaves... and presto!!! ... some 50+ years later, you have an actually dwarf bonsai tree.  In other words… a slow process… like my reporting on new things, sometimes. I did have the LEGOLAND Japan news BEFORE the place actually opened up, but well after other Japanese blogs... 

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