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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dry Humor For Women

This Japanese invention, was obviously designed by a man.

What we have here, is a failure to understand that women… and even many men… are ruled more by common sense than they are by the need to utilize something marked as “convenient” or a real “timesaver”. 

Remember darlings, it is better to look good than to feel good… which may be why there are so many beautiful and depressed people walking around… but regardless…

Just look at the face of the model above.

If I’m the guy that created a foot-powered hair dryer that dries the hair as one walks around down in an effort to get to work… well… I should be able to see that my soon-to-be ex-wife is pretty damn sure that the only fornication I will receive will be from her lawyer.

But that’s not my wife (thank-god, despite her hotness, there’s too much haughtiness) and I’m not the Japanese man who came up with this idea.

I assume it works by: the bellows under the fashionable non-heeled shoes the model is wearing, pressing down and pushing air through the hoses up into the shower cap in an effort to air dry her hair.

What the inventor should be inventing, is a pantyhose that will help Japanese women not walk with their knees-a-knocking… but I’m not an inventor… though I did play a bartender on TV, and a guy drinking beer in a movie.

It’s true… I get around.

The whole image above is comical… a sour-looking model wearing some nice duds forced to plod around in a device I am pretty sure no one would ever use.

Maybe if you could tuck the shower cap in your pants, so that you’d get a nice blast of air with every step?

I would also think you would need to make it invisible… or better yet… perhaps one could get up earlier to ensure you have time to dry your hair… or better yet, wash your hair the night before… then we only have to create a device that stops one from getting bed-head.

Now… I am pretty sure I have not seen too many women with bed-head (I’m lying), but I assume there is something women do to avoid that problem for real, without anyone thinking there has to be a better way, and than coming up with whatever the hell that invention is at the top of the page.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Even then. What do you expect her to do once she does get to work? Her hair was assumingly wet and un styled under the cap. Plus the air would just blow the hair around. Once she gets to work she's gonna have to style it and you're just not saving any time.

    1. I thought the same thing! Her hair is going to be all balled up! And when does she find the time to brush it out? She's at work... so there's no time for that! No... an invention that while interesting, seems completely impractical and, hopefully was merely conceived by a man to tick off some model.

  2. People just like to invent things. It's in our DNA.