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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

LEGOLAND Japan Set To Open April 1 2017

I know the above image isn't representative of the new LEGOLAND Japan theme park... but do you know what it is?

It's a People Dryer.

Yup... if you get wet while outside at the park, just shut your piehole and walk over to and step into the People Dryer that will blow you... er, blow warm air over you to dry you from head to toe.

Now... if they have a non-LEGO something as cool as that at the LEGOLAND Japan theme park, then how cool is the actual LEGO part going to be? That's right... pretty damn cool.

The LEGOLAND Japan theme park is located at Kinjofuto, Minato-ku, Nagoya, and is set to open on April 1, 2017 - no foolin’!

Lookitme! I'm actually presenting news BEFORE it happens. Thanks to Vinnie. 

The park had pre-opening ceremonies on March 18-21 and again on March 25-27, 2017 - but as a test run.

Good news. It works. 

Starting April 1, 2017... click HERE for exact closing times, as it varies.

Along with a theme park full of rides and exhibits and restaurants, et al... there's more good news:

As a smoke-free facility, there are also ample opportunities to purchase LEGO products, like at The Big Shop - one of the largest LEGO shops in Asia... so not only model build kits can be found there, but souvenirs as well, such as the ever painful: “My parents bought me this stupid T-shirt rather than the LEGO Death Star kit I wanted” tee-shirt.

 The LEGOLAND Japan park consists of over 40 rides, live shows and attractions spread over seven different “lands” with its own theme - akin to going to Tokyo Disneyland.
  1. Factory - a factory tour to see see how a LEGO brick is produced and receive a LEGO brick fresh from the production line as a souvenir of your visit to LEGOLAND Japan. Along with The Big Shop, there’s a Corner Shop, Photo Shop, Sandwich Shop, and an Ice Factory (actually ice cream);
  2. Bricktopia: The first of its kind for a LEGOLAND Park, Bricktopia is where you can build and race LEGO cars or go up a 50-meter high Observation Tower and see over tghe entire theme park, ride on a LEGO-themed carousel at Brick Party, or a spinning cup ride called Imagination Celebration - think Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Cup Ride… I nearly passed out and got sick on that one… Lego Ninjago Live... a puppet (bunraku)-style interactive adventure featuring 4D adventures… which probably means you’ll feel a wind or snow or water bubbles or something cascading upon you. First time I saw/felt 4D was at a Toronto-area Lego land… awesome!!!!  There’s a Duplo play area, a Duplo train ride to explore the nearby outside land. Lots more rides, food, drinks, Minifigure build and buys; Pick-a-Brick and more;
  3. Adventure: Young explorers seeking adventure will find just that in this land. Why not join LEGO divers in a magical but REAL submersible  - a Submarine Adventure that the whole family can enjoy together! Or take a journey through ancient temple ruins to recover a pharaoh’s stolen treasure;
  4. Knight’s Kingdom - medieval themed rides and food;
  5. Pirate Shores: pirate-themed rides and food;
  6. Miniland: This is probably an awesome part of the place… where you can see Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya all in the same day. Apparently the exhibits were built with 10,496,352 LEGO brick. They say “give or take a few”, but they seem pretty comfortable in presenting that number on the website;
  7. LEGO City: Like any city (country really), you need to have a driver’s license to get around… and LEGO City is no different… so here you can earn various licenses, such as a car license, while learning how to drive an electric car, a plane, steer a boat or how to save a burning building over at the Rescue Academy. Fire not included. There’s also a 4D theater here seating up to 300 guests… If it’s like the one in Toronto… there’s a show every 30 minutes or less. I’d recommend seeing this.
Check it out for yourself.

I’m a huge Ninjago fan, and like to collect the DC and Marvel superhero minifigs. I also like vehicles, but only the non-Technic ones… not that I have anything against those.

The fact that Ninjago continues to be a big seller, and they keep making cartoon episodes when other shows have come and gone... I think they really missed the boat... and could have created some really spectacular rides or large-scale builds of the scenery of Ninjago or the characters... dragon rides you pedal faster to make rise as it goes round and round...   

The LEGOLAND Japan theme park has Friends, Disney Princesses - and you can buy fancy costumes! Superheroes and Star Wars stuff is here, too.

If you acknowledge that Rome wasn’t built in a day, then you know neither was LEGOLAND Japan, as there are over 17-million LEGO bricks used in the construction of things, forming some 10,000 LEGO models.  

Click HERE to have a view of the park on this English website.

Hopefully some of you in the local area will get a chance to go soon... and I hope you'll share your thoughts on the place with us here.

Andrew "Shark Suit Guy" Joseph

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