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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lightning Strikes Twice For Pokemon

Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokemon creature and Usain Bolt, the lightning quick runner that keeps electrifying the world every time he competes, are teaming up for a series of Japanese television ads.

Ahhh… I miss the old days when some Japanese company would pay outrageous amounts of money and compliments to some actor or athlete… to appear in a commercial where they did some really stupid stuff only to end with some inane Japlish phrase. 

It worked for a number of years, because Japan - like the rest of the world has a bit of hero worship in it, and being a celebrity… well… its a very cool thing in Japan.

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond doing Speak Lark cigarette ads, Sylvester Stallone hawking canned ham… or macho man Charles Bronson slapping himself silly for Mandom cologne.

While Brosnan cooly smoking a cigarette and Bronson using Mandom cologne, and Stallone the ham (kidding, I love Stallone’s movies) are good use of actor, what could Usain Bolt bring to the Pokemon franchise… a franchise that doesn’t really need much help to sell itself…

Bolt is in two 15-second ads (see both below in one YouTube video ) shilling for The Pokemon Company on behalf of their Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon video games.

For the record, Bolt is dressed as one from Team Skull.

“Even in a Pokemon battle, I’m number one,” Bolt says in the video. Then, in Japanese he tells Pikachu to use his "juman boruto (Thunderbolt) attack.

In the second ad, Bolt says “Yo! We meet again. Don’t think you can run away,” and then goes into a runner's starting stance with Pikachu beside him.

While some might think that Bolt would easily win the race… Pikachu would probably just zap him with a lightning bolt and melt his sneakers to the track surface.

Andrew Joseph

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