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Monday, March 20, 2017

Ghost Bank - Or How I Created An Invisible Headline

My buddy Matthew informed me about a strange little piggy bank created on behalf of Studio Ghibli.

Borrowing the Kaonashi (aka No face or Faceless) character from the 2001 animated flick Spirited Away, we have a new mechanical bank that shows the lonely ghost helping you save money... er, after you spend money to buy the bank, of course.

On sale for a mere US $66, you can have ol Faceless hide your money for you. It measures 80mm x 210mm x 160mm (3" x 8" x 6"), runs on two AA batteries (not included), and can store up to 20 500-yen coins (those coins are akin to a silver dollar or, in Canada a Loonie/Twoonie), or 400 100-yen coins (about the size of a quarter).

Not in stock until May 19, 2017, you place coins on the red plate.bowl... the Kaonashi feels the weight, utters a comment than moves the plate to its mouth to swallow the coins.

Available at the Japan Trend Shop - click HERE.

I don't get it either... Kaonashi obviously has a face...

Andrew Joseph
PS: I create an invisible headline initially when I forgot to create a headline. D'oh.


  1. Very nice but those prices are eye watering.

    1. I know, eh... buy the bank and have no money left to store in it! The pricing? Boooooooo.