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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Beauty Of Shiseido’s Humanoid Robots

Global Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido Company, Limited has introduced a pilot program deploying industrial humanoid robots on the assembly lines of makeup products at its Kakegawa factory in Shizuoka-ken, Japan starting this March of 2017—a first in the cosmetics world.

In this factory, one human worker and two humanoid robots work together to assemble various parts of varied shapes and materials, delivering finished products.

While humanoid robots cover the procedures that are hard to be automated with conventional machines and existing industrial robots, the human worker focuses on inspection of minor defects such as scratches, assuring the quality of products.

Through a “collaboration of humans and robots” Shiseido safeguards its future by providing against changes in the social environment such as declining workforce, and aims to establish a new form of manufacturing that responds to the market changes more swiftly and flexibly.

Shiseido says it will further develop and evolve this initiative to realize effective manufacturing and reduce the work load of on-site workers.

Going forward, Shiseido aims to further advance innovation in technology, enabling robots to team-up on more complex, high-dimensional operations by applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.
My... do you... not... look... pretty... to... too... Suzuki-san... syntax error 407.... Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate the Doctor! Exterminate the Doctor!! Exterminate the Doctor!!!  
While the initial press release didn’t mention who made the humanoid robotics in use at Shiseido, I simply looked at the robot and determined via its construction and materials used just which Japanese robotics company manufactured it.

Okay, there’s a name on the robot’s chest that I suspected might either be the robot’s name, or the name of the manufacturing company.

Once I determined the the numbers on the robot’s chest were used to delineate which robot was whom, I could correctly assume that the name on the robot was the manufacturer.

I really did and do think like this.

Anyhow, the humanoid robots are designed and manufactured by the Mechatronics Group of the Japanese entity Kawada Industries, Inc.

More company information available at

No robots were hurt during the making of this blog.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Of course the whole "Exterminate the Doctor" cutline refers to the non-humanoid Daleks screaming about some no-name 

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