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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Hearing Enhancer

I'm not sure if it's allergies, or if I have a cold... when I'm outside or walking through the mall - I'm fine. Inside the work place or at home - runny nose and some phlegmy stuff in my throat that is clear.

Work has bad air quality, and home - I am allergic to cats (have one of those) and dust (Check! plenty of that), and there's probably mold (roof leaked for two years)... if it's a cold, that's nine years of being "healthy (bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!) down the drain.

But I'm not sure. I feel okay... food and drink tastes fine...

Feeling wacky, I thought I'd take a look at an invention that the website I stole it from purports it to be Japanese.

That's it above.

It looks Japanese.... and I'm not even talking about the young lady they sucked in to wear the damn thing. 

Apparently... the device is supposed to help the wearer hear better.

"What do you mean I'm not getting paid for this?"

These perfectly natural looking colanders that you strap over your head will not only amplify sound, but it might be possible to simultaneously toss a salad or two.

While the inventor says the device will help the wearer hear things a standard set of hearing aids can’t pick up (change the batteries, bro), the truth is… and you can all back me up on this… if you saw someone wearing this, wouldn’t you just naturally speak louder to help them hear you better?

By the way... what the hell sounds do you need to hear that a set of hearing aids can't pick-up?

Everything old is new again:

This ear "stereo" trumpet was a failure because the wearer was only able to hear things from outer space.
Also... this early ear trumpet:
University students stole this young man's hearing device and poured beer down it in some sort of weird drinking game I have never heard of. Ba-dum-bum.
Not getting the sound he wanted from this ear trumpet, a young Louis Armstrong switched to a Buescher 10-22R trumpet before quitting to become an astronaut. Outta this world, man! You know I'm kidding about this, right? Hello... is this thing on? 
Okay... enough of that... maybe more tomorrow. Thanks Tom (Matthew's big brother... older brother, I mean.)

Andrew Joseph

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