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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Little Piggy Went Wee-Wee-Wee All The Way To Your Home

Six years after the March 11, 2011 9.0 Magnitude earthquake that spawned a massive tsunami and subsequent near triple meltdown of the local nuclear plant, Fukushima residents of four towns are finally being allowed to return to the area.

Residents were told to leave a 20 kilometer swath around the nuclear facility after radioactive gases seeped into the atmosphere, along with radioactive water seeping into the ground and the water.

While these four towns were given the green light for re-habitation, residents are coming home to discover that freeloading wild boars have taken over the once populated areas.

While everyone’s initial thought might be - “Holy crap, fire up the BBQ!” the wild boars are, as you might expect, contaminated by radioactivity, so eating them is out of the question.

So… with local residents now being overrun by wild, radioactive boars… what the heck do you do now?

Call Elmer Fudd… or better yet a Japanese hunter or 14 to capture the bio-hazard.

Radioactive boars? It really is a bio-hazard.

How did they get radioactive?

Well, like most wild animals, they forage. These boars—100s of them—ate plants and berries that were contaminated by the radioactive fallout six years ago. While the boars seem okay, they will more than likely have a shorter than usual lifespan.

The boars had previously existed up in the mountainous areas of Fukushima, but once they sensed a lack of people down below, they had no problem in making themselves right at home.

Having laid down roots and had the run of the place for these past years, the boars do not want to go back up to their previous home…

Can you blame them? Free at last, free at last, free at last. No one to hassle them for six years… can set up a home wherever they want… have piglets… Babe, I think we’re finally home. 

The boars pose the usual wild animal threat to humans. They can attack, or they can get in the way - such as moose or deer when they cause a car accident.

But don’t worry - the boars are not being killed… no wait… they are.

The team of 14 hunters uses rice flour in a cage to trap the boars, and then use an air rifle to kill them, having so far taken out some 300 of the creatures.

Shooting them while they are in a cage? That hardly seems fair...

Couldn't they try and re-locate them back up into the mountains and see how that goes?

I guess not... in case local hunters shoot them and consume the radioactive meat... no, I guess culling them is the way to go.

Sorry... I tried to come up with an alternative.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Above is a Reuters image taken from the Independent (online) of a wild boar walking around an area near the Dai-ichi nuclear power generating plant in Fukushima-ken.

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