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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Akira Kurosawa Movie Poster #2

I guess I just got lucky.

My pal Vinnie recently purchased and gifted me with five movie posters, two of which feature director Kurosawa Akira (surname first) movies.

The first one I detailed, was Dodes'ka-den (in English Clickety-clack), a Toho Studios movie he made in 1970. While International response to the film was very positive, the Japanese response was so fickle as to cause the great director to attempt suicide.

Clickety HERE to read more

The second (and last) Kurosawa movie poster I received is for the 1993 comedy-drama called Madadayo (まあだだよ, "Not Yet”), which is perhaps most notable for it being the 30th and last film to be completed by him as director.

Kurosawa passed away on September 6, 1998, after a film career that spanned 57 years.

Again, just like with Dodes'ka-den, Kurosawa himself provided the artwork for the Madadayo movie poster.

The film Madadayo is based upon the life of Japanese academic and author Uchida Hyakken (surname first) of 1889–1971, and is essentially about him not being ready to die.

Since Kurosawa was 83-years-old at the time of the film’s completion, it was also obviously a reference to himself and his own mortality.

Impressive artwork, ne?

I wish I could provide a better image for you, but the poster(s) are too large to scan, to photocopy and even to photograph for myself.

The image above is the only one I could find (at the film's Wikipedia site), and is unfortunately not a hi-resolution scan.

The only true original poster shows the tiny bit of Japanese writing on the white border at the TOP of the theatrical poster.

Ah, what the heck, here's a next generation version of the print so you can see the artwork better:
It's the same artwork, but you can see that it is missing the movie's title at the bottom, instead having the Japanese characters inside the artwork, with English below... but at least now you can see Kurosawa's art better.

Andrew Joseph

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