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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Allergic To Editing

Sometimes the worst thing a writer can do is revisit the past.

Whether it's re-reading old stories I've written spotting typos or grammatical mistakes, or actually looking up a fact I thought was canon only to discover it was wrong, rendering me a complete idiot for the past 27 years.

While looking for a topic to wax poetically on such as National Treasures of Japan - too many and it's all right there on Wikipedia; Japanese guardian lion dogs called Komainu (aka Korean Lion Dogs) - I've kind of already done that in individual blogs; or look up types of allergies in Japan.

It was that last one that made me want to check up on a story I wrote back in December of 2010 entitled "Cover Of The Rolling Stone" on a weird allergic reaction I had to something in the environment. It was based on something hitting me back in 1991.

Now, in 2017, I remember that the pollen was supposed to be from a Japanese Black Spruce... so I decided to look it up to learn more about a pollen that made me feel like I was physically sick over a two day period... enough to ensure that I would never teach at a particular school where the tree was rampant during pollination time.

Try as I might, I could not find anything on the Japanese Black Spruce.

Avoiding "Japanese", I looked up Black Spruce and checked out its habitat... no Japan.

But back in 1991, a teacher told me that I was allergic to a Japanese Black Spruce pollen - a pollen that often hits the Japanese pretty hard... and that since I had no natural resistance to it, I felt it heavily.

So... what the heck was that tree pollen I was allergic to if there was no such thing as a Japanese Black Spruce.

Using my powers of deduction and a handy website that offered up tree pollen types in Japan, I determined that I was affected heavily by the Japanese Cedar Sugi or Japanese Red Cedar.

Although I have never been affected by an allergy like I had with this tree pollen--I'm allergic to cats, golden rod and mold... two things in my house, and one outside it--I just get a bit of an itchy eye (the right one) and maybe a bit of a runny nose. No biggie. The problem, not my nose. My nose could be considered big, but the folks at the C-Pap offices continually sell me a medium mask because that's what my nose is.

... anyhow... as I was saying.... even though I have never been affected by an allergy like I had with this tree pollen, I have only just discovered it affected me for the past 26+ years until today.

I have corrected my blog - an amusing story - which you can read HERE.

Sorry if I misled anyone. My goal here has always been to provide you with correct information, or at the very least an explanation as to why I think my information is more correct than anyone else's.

Typos and grammatical errors aside--I really must learn to type, because I sure ain't gonna learn grammar gooder than what I knows now--I really want to thank my good friend and blog reader Vinnie, who writes to me everyday to help me correct such mistakes.

I hate editing. I prefer the research, the search, and the writing. I'm no longer in what order.

But do you know what really irks me the most? It's that Japanese teacher giving me the wrong information.

Stupid language barrier.  

Andrew "I should have learned the lingo" Joseph 

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