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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Godzilla - Playah

That is one hot wasabi-based sushi roll - and I’m not talking about Godzilla standing there on the right of the cool 1954 photograph.

I don’t know what the Japanese equivalent is for “hot tamale”, but you know what I mean. Even Godzilla's tail is wagging.

What we have here is Godzilla taking the time out from his very busy shooting schedule for the very first Gojira (Godzilla) movie in 1954 to take a photo with the incredibly beautiful and incredible tall Japanese woman.

Godzilla's what about 100-feet tall... so she's gotta be maybe 70-feet tall? 

It’s obviously a shot of a crew member taking a photo with a guy in a Godzilla suit. Perhaps she's informing him of the script changes in the next scene:

Step through the power lines and then emit a radioactive breath in a wide arc going from left to right, bellow as tiny missiles hit your torso and then stomp-stomp-stomp over a building—your choice—before bellowing again and raising your tiny arms up as you try and swat at a jet plane flying nearby. Then you swat again as you bellow, this time hitting the second jet plane that flies to close to you, hopefully destroying the plane but not hurting the pilot inside. It's okay if you do kill him, he was a failed kamikaze pilot who should have dies nine years earlier protecting the sanctity of our now non-god-like Emperor. 

It was a good script change.  
Hmm… it is interesting to note that in 1954, that woman would have been around 20 years old… so if she’s hopefully still around, she’d be about 83-years-old.

Hey, beauty is beauty.

I love these old photos showing the more human-side of Godzilla… and by that I mean the man—Nakajima Haruo (surname first)—in the rubber suit. Click HERE to discover how the 1954 Godzilla suit was made.

What I find more intriguing, however, is that the young woman in the photo is not wearing pantyhose.

It’s just that from the 1980s on up, Japanese women have been wearing panty hose, rather than expose bare skin… and while I admit I like seeing pantyhose on women, I also understand that during the humid summer months, wearing such gear can be… stifling.

I wonder if it is all part of the Japanese female plan to cover up as much skin as possible to avoid getting a sun tan.

Having skin darkened by the sun was an indication that one was outside a lot… meaning they were some sort of laborer…

Women do not apparently, want to look like a laborer in Japan.

Then there are those young women who go for the super dark tan… and more power to them, but it’s not my cup of o-cha.

But, back in 1954… women who grew up in Japan during WWII - they didn’t give a crap about such matters.

Still…  I would bet that tanned skin idea existed in Japan well before the war. Well before. I’m thinking centuries before…

Andrew Joseph

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