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Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Godzilla Easter 2

Ahhh... Easter Monday... the resurrection. That's a cool thing to celebrate... and what better way to do so here watching Godzilla power down on some marshmallow bunnies.

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By the way... last week I watched the most recent Japanese (2016) Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) movie - a movie Japan made after heavily criticizing the Hollywood version of 2014.

The Japanese claimed Godzilla was too fat... the plot to boring - I can't argue with the latter... but the Godzilla 2016 movie Japan made - pure crap.

Granted I watched a Japanese-language version, but Godzilla himself was just plain ridiculous in his look... It showed the evolution of the creature as it grew from a worm-like creature to a more recognizable lizard we all know and love... but half the movie was spent showing him inching along like a worm.

Then when he became slightly more lizard like, the eyes on Godzilla were unmoving... looking soooo fake, that it was more laughable than watching 1970s Godzilla with a man in a rubber suit perform sumo moves... and that's saying something.

Godzilla as a "tadpole"... yes the eyes looked exactly as lifeless on this "action figure" as they did in Shin Godzilla.

I'm still working on a long document for here... perhaps I'll be done tomorrow.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Excuse me,that is my godzilla easter bunny photo that you just shared... please either credit me or take it down. Or I will report.

    1. No problem... you are now credited. Cheers.