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Monday, April 3, 2017

Hot Topic Shirts

Okay... like most of you, I spent most of the day (Sunday) outside, as such, I didn't feel like spending a lot of time indoors writing a blog.

But I gotta have a blog, seeing as how I haven't missed a day since February of 2011...

So... let me introduce to you a cool tee-shirt shop I go to to pick up my Japan - related merchandise... Hot Topic.

What we have at the top is an example of some of the shirts the offer... this one from the Japanese classic anime, My Neighbour Totoro - something an old girlfriend of mine would love to have, I'm sure.

I've picked up a couple of Jurassic Park shirts that have the title written out in katakana, plus one of a giant cat attacking a city begging someone (in Japanese hiragana and kanji) to please feed it because it is hungry.

Anyhow, for those of you who are interested, check'em out at I'm sure you can find something trendy and nerdy and cool all rolled up in one.

Tomorrow, we'll be back with something extra special... even though I don't know what it is yet - because that's the way I roll.

That's cool, right? It's not? Too bad! I have cool Hot Topic t-shirts, though!

Andrew Joseph


  1. I like going to the store. They have one at the Oshawa centre along with 3 other nerd stores. It's pretty awesome. I think EB games change their store to have more merchandise and before Christmas they were selling real metal Captain America shield with leather straps. Just like in the movie. It was $399 i think but still. I'll get it one day soon.

  2. Yeah - I saw that at EB Games, too... I think they are feeling a bit of a pinch with the stupidly high prices for video games... and realize that geekdom merch sells - especially comicbook/movie stuff.
    Those weird giant head toys are huge sellers.
    Strangely, despite being a comic book fan, I don't care for anything other than comic books. I don't need statuettes, posters, stickers... just give me the comic book to read and enjoy.
    Anyone want to buy 30,000+ comic books?