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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nissan Rogue Going To The Dogs

The Nissan Motor Company Ltd.—a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, seems to be hitting all the demographic markets with keen specializing of its Rogue cars with the purchasing market.

To coincide with the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie, the car manufacturer created a Star Wars Rogue version of its popular vehicle, complete with a special badge plate for fans of the Star Wars franchise.
Beats me why they are showing the cars in Empire Stormtrooper colors, but whatever. The Rogue Dogue is the same vehicle, but with a different interior.
 Now… just for dog fans in the UK and US, Nissan has created the Rogue Dogue, a dog-friendly car created by Dennis McCarthy, the vehicle coordinator for the Fast & The Fur-ious movie franchise.

I still think that the Tokyo Drift movie was the last great movie (after the first one) that they made, though I have enjoyed the the continued high jinks of the film’s many characters and the increasingly “impossible” vehicle scenes in each successive and successful movie.

I don't know why the term "dogue" was chosen, except that visually it seems to rhyme with Rogue. As in Dog...

But.... when you say it, Row-gu Dow-gu, it's not even close. Unless you are Inspector Clouseau.

"Excuse me, but duz yoooour dogue biyte?"
(Goes to pet the dog)
"Ow! I sought yooou saaaaid yoooour dogue does nut biyte?"
"Zat's not mai dogue."
I'm going from memory... so it may not be exact - baht yooooou get ze gist, n'est pas? 

The Rogue Dogue has special features sure to impress fans of the canine variety, though since they also roll in their own poop, I’m not sure how difficult it is to impress a dog.

For the record, I have owned three Cocker Spaniels  (One English, one English Blue roan, and American), four Rottweilers, and one Chocolate Labrador. I also understand the difficulty of transporting a dog in a car.

Cause For A Paws: 
  • There’s a secure dog bed in the rear cargo area;
  • Slide-away dog ramp for exiting and entering the car;
  • Pass-through fold-down rear seat (for dog access);
  • Shower and drying station - it says for the dog... but you could use it, too;
  • Custom easy-to-clean materials;
  • Removable pet partition;
  • Spill-proof food and water containers that fold down for use;
  • Dog poop dispenser mounted to inside wall of the cargo space (I assume it’s for the dog) (what’s that smell?”);
  • Doggy first aid kit; harness clips in the cargo section and rear seat - because we all know that dogs like to stand in moving vehicles and have zero sense of balance;
  • Second-row dog hammock;
  • Passive cameras to record doggy’s activity during the trip - including one that records outside the window;
  • Rogue Dogue logo key fob;
  • Padded walls in case doggie go crazy.
Where is the water coming from? OMG it's gasoline! Extinguish your cigarette or else he'll go WOOF!!!! Dog gone.
I have no idea what the Rogue Dogue does should your canine barf or pee in the car.

By the way… I see the dogue poo bag… but some dogs will try and rip it open for a snack. Bad dog. Have a Listerine Breath Strip. I used top give those to my Chocolate Lab, Buster Brown, when he ate something he shouldn’t have eaten.

He hated them, but thinking it was food, he eagerly had them dissolve on his tongue. Smartest and dumbest dog I’ve ever owned.
Dog taco: Hammock for the dog is placed between the front and rear seats.

To me, the best features are the entrance ramp, the dog clips, the hammock which is hung from the back of the front seat across the gap and over the rear seat to protect the car’s interior from being shredded by those doggie nails.

The Rogue Dogue is based on a 2017 Rogue SL with the Platinum Reserve Interior Package, featuring premium tan leather-appointed seats with special quilted leather inserts.
Hashtag?! Hashtag?!!? Is the dog on Twitter? Benji, Lassie, RinTinTin - sure... maybe even Pluto and Goofy (Dippy Dawg)... but surely your dog doesn't have Twitter. I am serious, but don't call me Shirley.

I have no idea how much the Rogue Dogue will set you back, but you can guarantee it will be moe than the standard Nissan Rogue version.

And yes… I have a Nissan… but no, I am not getting a break on my car payments.

Anyhow… here’s a video showing the European Nissan X-Trail version - a slightly more upscale vehicle... from 2009, I believe.

Somewhere with my head out the window,
Andrew Joseph
PS: I love to see them use any dog other than the one they chose in the ads... you know... something a little bit more "dumb" like the average dog owner's dog... then again... if you are purchasing the Nissan Rogue Dogue, you probably aren't the average dog owner.
PPS: Despite my Chocolate Lab, Buster Brown, being a water dog and loving to swim and chase ducks, if I brought out the water hose he would take off like a fake rabbit at a greyhound racetrack.    

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