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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Japanese Dirigible of 1911?

Hmmm, based on yesterday’s article called The Japanese Dirigible of 1909?, I sought out information on whether or not Japan had the use of a dirigible at that time. See HERE.

While it appears as though they didn't in 1909, it seems that they were in the process of constructing one in 1911. Maybe.

It seems they did -   it seems as though Japan was in the process of constructing its own dirigible, but two years later in 1911.

Here from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram of Fort Worth, Texas, from page one of the August 6, 1911 edition, we find out more.

Japan Secretly Building World’s Greatest Dirigible
Special to The Star-Telegram,
LONDON, Aug. 5 - The receipt by English sewing machine manufacturers of an order for some peculiarly constructed machines has revealed the fact that Japan is secretly building the largest dirigible airship in the world.
The new ship is 600 feet long and fitted with six motors of 120 horsepower each, making a total twice as great as the power of the dirigible recently finished by Great Britain. These engines are expected to be capable of driving the ship thirty miles an hour against a forty-mile gale.
Japanese agents have been secretly studying the German dirigibles for several months obtaining the latest idea for this new monster. 

So... did Japan construct its first dirigible in 1911 - at a time when earlier - on December 19, 1910, a Japanese pilot had already flown the next wave of technology over Yoyogi Parade Ground in Tokyo (where the Yoyogi Park is nowadays) in an airplane?

See HERE for an article on that epic flight. 

Why would they start constructing slow-moving dirigibles when the age of heavier-than-air flight via aeroplanes had dawned in Japan?

Let's find out tomorrow. If possible. 

Andrew Joseph
PS: Thanks Vinnie!
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