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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Sumo Wrestler As Athlete

There's nothing more amusing to me, I thought, than watching a bunch of sumo wrestlers engage in standard athletic events.

I figured these guys had honed their sumo bodies for the specifics of sumo wrestling - and while that is true, I was actually quite impressed with their athletic levels.

No one is going to expect a sumo-sized man to barrel down a 50-meters long race course and challenge the likes of Usain Bolt... but, if you see the winning time below - something like 7 seconds... that, if the pace could be maintained would be around 14+ seconds.

I can recall being in Grade 8 and stomping down 100 meters in 18+ seconds.

I had short legs but, if I may say so, could stay toe-toe with anyone for about 20 meters in a race - which was all I needed to slide tackle the crap outta anyone on a soccer field.

I'm pretty sure that when I hit my physical peak at the age of 35 I could easily have out-sprinted a sumo wrestler.

At that time, I was doing six days a week at a gym and two hours a day, doing one hour a day or aerobic running and alternating each day doing an hour of upper and lower body weights. I was eating properly, taking supplements, some of which I admit I shouldn't have, but I was ripped, and I was fast.

I even had my hair at least three times as long as any of the sumo wrestlers seen in the below video.

Nowadays, I'm pretty sure I would get beat by all four of those guys... but I might give them a run for their money in who could eat the most chanko (sumo stew). LOL!

Anyhow... watch the video and  be entertained... you don't need to understand Japanese to figure out what's going on:

Andrew Joseph

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