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Friday, April 14, 2017

Writing The Right Way

How do I find things to write about?

Obviously I pull things from my past, take the lead from readers who kindly pass along news items, or… I look up something on the Internet for one reason or another… and then travel down the proverbial rabbit hole until I arrive in Wonderland replete with a subject no where close to my mind when I began.

Those of us who actually surf the net for things other than porn know what I mean.

I received a press release from the University of Tokyo discussing research that was over my head… but research regarding a crystal of the semi-metal bismuth and how it could be used in the development of next generation information technology.

I know what bismuth is, but decided to look it up anyway.

I then wondered if Japan mined bismuth. (Yes.)

Then I decided to see just what sort of mining Japan did. Then I looked up mines of Japan. I suppose I could have been subconsciously been helped along by yesterday’s writing about the deep drill project through to the Earth’s mantle… but I don’t think so. I kind of forget what I write about once I’m done.

While examining a “mines of Japan” article, I came across a topic within it that happened 70 years ago, but has ramifications through to today.

That, is the Hanaoka Mine Incident.

This is far larger an issue that I thought when I began it… with conflicting information… and I want to get it right… so I’m going to beg off here and get back to researching the subject.

Do you know why other blogs can write tiny articles for your amusement? It’s because they aren’t fully researched and don't answer all the W5+H1 questions.

I won’t do that. I value my readers too much.

While researching this particular story, I have come across conflicting data that completely affects the way the article is presented and understood... and I still don't understand if one is more correct over the other... and which "writer" is the one that can be trusted over one that may have a hidden agenda.Even if the more trusted one has a hidden agenda... bias could be presented in the article.

I just want the facts.

The problem here, is that we are discussing Japan (my language barrier), and something regarding WWII... something that is apparently Japan's language barrier.

I hope I can be done in another day... but I have a sneaking suspicion this one is going to be a bugger to separate and present in a clear manner. Or however the heck I present it.

Andrew Joseph

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