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Friday, May 5, 2017

Delete The Video Game - Delete The Relationship

According to a recent Twitter poll with 32,988 Japanese respondents, nearly two-thirds said they would break-up with their significant other if they erased their video game data—specifically their Pokemon Go video game data.

Now, most people would think - hey, what’s the big deal… it’s just a stupid video game.

I agree… it is just a video game.

But here’s the rub… it’s MY video game (for example).

What gives you the right to go into MY video game and erase the game data?


It’s a mean and spiteful thing to do.

It doesn’t matter if your significant other is spending car too much time playing with his Pokeballs rather than using his Lickitung on you. It’s a Pokemon thing… look it up.

The point is, it’s his or her game. All you can do is discuss the fact that you are being ignored by your significant other who prefers instead to play his videogame…

You can ask them to stop playing the game, reduce their game playing or even quit their game playing. If you are so bold, you can even ask them to delete their game play.

IF THEY CHOOSE to reduce, stop or god help you, erase—you’ve found a keeper.

Anything else, well—if you can’t beat’em, join’em—and if that doesn’t do it for you, drop’em like a hot potato.

But… to go in and erase their video game data?

What do you think the reaction is: Angry? Happy? Sad? Angry?

It doesn’t matter what circumstances have led to this reaction, the person whose video game data has been erased is going to be angry because you have violated their trust.

You can ignore someone for a video game… but violating trust—regardless of intentions—is never a good thing.

Two-thirds say they would dump their significant other?

I’m surprised it’s not 100% dump.

What are the other one-third thinking?

Ahhh, my boyfriendo erased my video game… I should be mad… but he did it because he loves me… and even though he doesn’t respect me or my things, in the same why I don’t respect him because I am always playing, he tried to save our love by smacking me across the face with a harsh dose of reality and saved our love by deleting my MagiKarp. 

I suppose… but what led to such selfish behavior in the first place?

And even though you saved your love by erasing the video game data, isn’t that selfish, too?

I did it to save our love. Maybe they didn’t want the love to be saved?

Now again… this is just all of us thinking about things in black-and-white.

Instead of a Pokemon video game.. what if they decided to destroy your stamp collection… your comic book collection… your porn collection?

I’d be really pissed off if someone destroyed my comic book collection, merely pissed off if they destroyed my stamp collection, and non-plussed about the porn, because it’s porn… you can always get more porn. For free.

Unless you have borderline tastes that run into illegalities, in which case you have deeper issues.

So… yeah, the only confusing thing to me about breaking up over one’s Pokemon data being erased, is the fact that ONLY two-thirds said they would break up.

It’s not WHAT was deleted, it’s the point that anything personal was deleted.

It’s like anyone going onto your phone to see YOUR stuff. Not cool, right?

It’s the same here.

I do not play Pokemon video games or the card game. I have watched several year’s worth of the television program, but am not rabid about it, merely acknowledging that it’s a fun programme.

I do play video games. I enjoy them. But only home console stuff, and NOT against live players outside my home. I hate that crap. Just me versus the game.

My son prefers the company of strangers when it comes to video games. Then curses at them for shooting him accidentally or the fact that they are gabbing loudly into their microphone. How is that fun for anyone?

Ooooh, I can play with my friends.

Why aren’t your friends over at your place? You know… real human contact?

It ticks me off to know that my son has never played road hockey, and pick-up baseball … I played every night for weeks during the winter, spring, summer and fall… running, catching, shooting, batting… for real. 

I digress.

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend who deleted my Pokemon data… for you one-thirds who would not break-up… just think about what else they are capable off when they don’t get their way…

Somewhere available,
Andrew Joseph


  1. I would be completely pissed off and automatically breakup and block them from all social media apps. They do not know how much we have to suffer for winning the whole game, and they have the audacity to delete our hard work.

    1. Me too. Married - well... it's good for documentation in the divorce proceedings. I only sound like I know what I'm doing.