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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Godzilla By Dark Horse Comics

There have been a few American comic book incarnations of Godzilla in the past 35 years, beginning with the entertaining, but ultimately weak Marvel Comics series in 1977-79.

As of 2010, IDW Comics has put out numerous mini-series of Godzilla... but while pretty to look at, I find them confusing to follow, and thus not worth my time.

But sandwiched between them was a series published in the mid-1990s from a comic book company called Dark Horse Comics, who made their initial living by doing comic book adaptions of movie characters, such as Star Wars, Predator and Alien, and even creating the plausible Alien vs Predator series that led to an exciting movie version.

(Ed Note: Predators seed planets with Alien eggs... they hatch... Predators go out and hunt the Aliens. Brilliant.)

Godzilla actually started being published by Dark Horse via one-shots in 1987... and held the rights for 12 years until 1999.

But Dark Horse Comics' Godzilla... was one of the best... with a true movie feel to each issue.

You can actually find reasonably price trade paperback collections of the series at various on-lone stores, or the actual single-issues... beautifully drawn, good dialogue and plots that mimic the feel of a movie... and covers that make you want to crack open the book and read it.

The cover of Issue #4 above is by Arthur Adams, at the time (1995) one of the best artists over the past decade.

Anyhow... I've got a baseball tournament this weekend (Friday's game was rained out), and I've just spent two hours creating line-ups for the team's two games on Saturday... am I wrong to not play a player who doesn't show up for practices and missed our last game without explanation (a game that was our first win out of seven games this year)? I'm playing him... just not as much as the others who have come out and shown improvement.

Anyhow... we'll see what tomorrow's blog will bring...

How can you go wrong with a comic book featuring Godzilla that actually uses the Japanese script for his real name of Gojira? That's in the top left below the company logo.

That's how serious the the series was in capturing the look and feel of the Godzilla movies.

Look for it if you have a few bucks lying around.

As for the baseball stuff... I'm only nervous about getting to the field on time. It gets me every game. But once I'm there... I'm calm. As a player of soccer as a kid, I was nervous right up until the time I had my first touch, and then... focus.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Andrew Joseph
PS: This particular issue was recently purchased for me by my friend Rob, who has obviously forgotten that I bought the stuff originally when it came out. Still... it sure beats having to look through 35,000 comic books to find my copy. Thanks, Rob.

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