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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Celebrates 150th Birthday

Today, July 1, 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday!

Happy birthday, Canada!!!

So I'm taking yesterday off to only create this blog for today, while today, I'll be working hard on Canada's birthday to create a blog for July 2.

That's kindda screwy.

It's a good thing I actually wrote the July 2 blog on June 30, thinking I would use it for a July 1 blog - until I recalled I should do a blog mentioning Canada's birthday - this one.

Confused? Welcome to my world.

The above photograph is taken at some point in time in 1992 by my Canadian-in-demeanor-good-buddy Matthew who helped convince me I should "acquire" the Canadian flag over a year earlier from a local festival, while he may or may not have done the same for a Stars & Stripes.

It's fitting that both were acquired by guile, as I'm sure the respected indigenous populations of our great countries would attest.

Since we're 150 years old, let me just say I'm sorry.

I don't know if the Americans will apologize - it's okay, we Canadians do tend to apologize a helluva lot.

I do know that from looking at that photo of me perched on the balcony of my third-floor apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, that I am sorry I no longer have such long, beautiful hair, that said hair I have is no longer as black as that, that I no longer have those cool Raybans or Reeboks.

But I am thankful that I made it another 25 years past this photo, still wear that same watch, and have larger leg muscles thanks to the 12hours a week at the gym (post Japan).

I do wish I was still skinny, didn't have a host of ailments and still had over half my life ahead of me, but I'm afraid I'm on the downward slope... which is also okay, because at least I got to that point of my life.

Canada's flag consists of a red maple leaf on a field of white with bookending red vertical blocks.

The bookends are supposed to represent Canada from coast-to-coast... the white field, maybe represents the white culture or maybe the snow... and the red leaf represents The Japanese red maple leaf tree, because pretty much all the maple leaf trees I have seen in Canada are green-leafed.

Okay, I'm pretty sure the sea-to-sea thing is correct.  

Anyhow... happy 150th, Canada.

Andrew Joseph

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