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Monday, July 17, 2017

Discworld Novels Translated To Japanese

I'm re-reading the Discworld series of books for perhaps the third or fourth time right now, beginning with the book pictured above.

Discworld is a series of Fantasy-Comedy books written by Terry Pratchett, an author who recently passed away in 2015, but one of the funniest writers I have ever come across - in the same vein as Douglas Adams of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy fame.

There are 41 Discworld books... and sadly I have only read 33 of them (Going Postal was the last new book I read)...  but on the plus side, it gives me great joy to know I have more Pratchett to enjoy one day soon.

So... looking for a blog topic today (yesterday, actually), I wondered... hey, do the Japanese know about this fantastic comedic fantasy book series?


Above is a Japanese-language version of the first book of the Discworld series, entitled The Colour Of Magic.

If I saw this cover on a book, I might not purchase it. But in Japan... I suppose it could work.

Sadly, I was not impressed with the western version of the book cover either - so I suppose the Japanese version is a perfect representation.

This is an early version of the western version of The Colour Of Magic, and is what I'm reading now...
I took a look on the Japanese Amazon website (HERE), and found that there are quite a few Japanese translated Discworld books.

If you go there to purchase, let me point out that I believe there are two books there that are NOT part of the Discworld series... Johnny & The Dead, and one written by Pratchett and comic book writer and author Neil Gaiman called Good Omens (a very, funny book that actually got me interested in trying the Discworld novels).

So... for those so inclined to read a Discworld book in Japanese, now you know it can be done.

For the rest of us... well... like I said.... 41 books, plus a dozen more of so of other novels.

While I believe I actually write in a manner similar to Douglas Adams - as far as the wackiness goes... oh the non-Japanese stories I could amuse you with... if I was writing a fantasy series, it would be a lot like Terry Pratchett's stuff... but since he did it first, and did it best, I won't even try.

As far as Douglas Adams goes... I was writing like him before I read his stuff... so at least I don't feel like I'm ripping him off.

Andrew Joseph

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