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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Greatest Hello Kitty Collector

I’ve joked around that I like Hello Kitty, the for-sale Japanese mascot that looks like, but isn’t, a female white mouthless cat.

I like the concept - a bit of white pussy cat please, know what I mean? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more - but really, I’m not ever swayed by adverts or mascots to purchase something because of a marketing mascot.

That doesn’t mean it’s not any good - au contraireHello Kitty is one of the world’s greatest marketers, with her image plastered on everything, such as:
  • combs, books, food and beverage, video games, planes, trains and automobiles, as well as such Japanese classics as love hotel themes, though I doubt it was actually sold as such), and plenty more.

I’m not sure I would want to boink my wife, girlfriend, mistress or any combination of two or more in a room themed with Hello Kitty motifs… I mean I’m a freak, according to one woman, but I’m not a freak (exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point).

Apparently there’s a difference, because it was meant as a compliment when I was told that.

I am a collector… you know the old saying, whomever has the most toys at the end - wins.

I collect comic books, coins, stamps, sports cards and non-sports related cards - specifically pre-WWI aviation - for no real reason, I just thought it would be neat. 

Actually, aside from the latter, I probably don’t collect the others anymore… but I still have them.

I like collecting. I suppose if I was to look at why I need to collect things as a psychiatrist might, it would probably ruin my fun - so fug that.

Let’s just say that each item accumulated presents me a wee bit of joy. At least with the aviation cards I collect, I am using it to write a blog (Pioneers of Aviation) that maybe 40 people around the world actually care about. Maybe 40. But the point is… I’m not sure what the point is… I have fun.

Which is why I sortta kindda admire the man in the video below… doing what he wants to do because it brings him joy.

Meet the world’s greatest Hello Kitty Collector, Gunji Masao (surname first):.

Do you know what the most amazing thing about that video is?

No… it’s not the sheer volume of Hello Kitty merchandise out there that he has… no… it’s the fact that I would have sworn he wasn’t married… but not only was he married, but his wife actually had no problem with his hobby.

No wonder he’s happy.

Actually… I’m not sure if he’s happy or if he’s just chillaxed… he says that’s why he got into collecting Hello Kitty in the first place.

I’m guessing it was the fact that Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth and thus is a quiet - the opposite of what  policeman must face on a daily basis.

Of course… the old man seems to have a lot of money… he was an ex-cop, right? Spent about 1/4 million on constructing a special Hello Kitty House… seems like a lot of money for a cop to have made… just sayin’ is all.

I would also like to know just what makes Gunji’s wife happy, but I have a feeling it’s the fact that he probably spends so much time away in his Hello Kitty house that makes her happy.

As usually happens when one person has been a “housewife or househusband”… when their significant other retires, the fact that both of them are constantly around all the effing time drives a wedge into their relationship… but with Gunji involved with another woman - Hello Kitty - rather than with another woman, I am sure Mrs Gunji is happy in her own way.

Somewhere, I can't get enough of that Sugar Crisp,
Andrew Joseph


  1. It's honestly so adorable for the police officer to have the biggest Hello Kitty collection in the world.