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Monday, July 10, 2017

Time Waster Blog

Okay... I've just finished six hours behind the computer screen doing an article for work, had a two-hour baseball practice to run, and went to Ikea to buy new bedsheets.

I'm tired.

So I'm copping out and just giving you this absolutley wonderful photo I took showing (okay, I haven't actually gone into the archives and found a suitable photo or even scanned it ... hang on... okay...

Here's a photo of Noboko and myself at my friend Colin McKay's apartment in Kuroiso-shi, Tochigi-ken.

No... that's not a bag of weed in front of me. I spent the last six months in Japan getting high by sniffing Noboko's apple-blossom scented hair.

I'm wearing my Tokyo Disneyland Donald Duck shirt... I love DD... I'm also wearing my famous Gorilla Biscuit brand jeans that are striped blue, black and purple (a brand I know nothing about, except those were the best damn jeans ever. Anyone ever see a pair of these jeans elsewhere?), and my still working Seiko wristwatch that I purchased in the Bahamas.

The photo was taken in September of 1993, over one month after I left Japan and the JET Programme after a three-year stay, and is of course of my return trip to try and convince Noboko she should marry me even though it would destroy her father.

You can see she is in love with me in this photo. I can see it. I really can.

You can also see the stress in the form of a pimple under her lower lip - stress probably because she knows she will never defy her father for me any more than she already has in dating, screwing and loving me.. and she has no idea how to not completely destroy me.

As it turns out, there was never any way her eventual rejection of me wasn't going to destroy me and set me on a path of epic self-destruction for the next five or six years.

Maybe we'll discuss things further tomorrow. It kindda depresses me every time I write about it... and while I though it would be cool to write about this photo, it turns out that glancing back into time with these photos just ends up as being one cosmic mindfug of one rejection after another.

It's not you, it's me,
Andrew Joseph
PS: The top photo is me at the Ohtawara Board of Education Office - making a face as I know the boss is trying to secretly take a picture of me. At least I hope I'm making a face. Buddha only knows what I do with my face when I'm writing.

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