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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Explosive Fines

Did you know that when it comes to explosives lying around in Japan, failure to report it to the police could get you fined?

Okay… I get it… sometimes a Japanese guy can be walking down the street, spy a bag lying there between some garbage cans. He might amble up and open the bag and spy explosives in it.

You couldn’t blame anyone for taking off like a scared roadrunner… but is it possible that a person wouldn’t then call the police to warn them about the found explosives?

Just in case, Japanese law dictates that a person who finds explosives and fails to report the matter to the police can be fined ¥100… at least that’s what it was in the old days… That was about US$1…

Since then, the fine has been increased to ¥10,000… which is about $100.

I just want to know how they know if someone saw the explosives and then didn't report it? I suppose if there was CCTV (closed-circuit television), they would know...  

Bizarre, huh?

Andrew Joseph


  1. Is this perhaps a post war thing when unexploded American bombs were likely all over the place?

    1. It was... but then they raised the fine... so it did continue.