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Sunday, August 13, 2017

This Blog Is Killing Me

Recently, this blog was assailed by a troll who decided it was fun to send all sorts of disgusting and threatening comments to me. It lasted about four hours and then I suppose their penis fell off.

Yeah, the usual stuff, about me being gay or how stupid I am or how dumb I was because all my girl friends cheated on me while I screwed their father.  Or, how about the ones that suggested they would cut my throat with a boxcutter. Oh, and the ones that threatened my family. 

I had something like 126 comments that I kept and perhaps another 50 I stupidly deleted before I thought things out. The comments were from a named commentator, but you can bet it was made up. 

It was an Indian-sounding name - dot, not the feather - and used such anachronisms in the comments that made it sound like they were really struggling to write English… and yet, the comments were being thrown my way on every single blog about my past relationships at the rate of about three per minute.

I assume it was a ‘bot.

From India? Well, one of the comments used some slang that I had to look up - and it was an Indian slang. Where's the fun in insulting someone who doesn't care?

I don't care.

I just make note of your computer address and then track you down backwards. Simple. I have no idea why anyone would think they can get away with stuff like that on-line.

Everyone leaves a fingerprint somewhere.  

Still… the rush of comments and influx of activity on my blog all pointed to the U.S…. which isn’t to say that a guy from the U.S. who is of Indian-descent couldn’t hate my guts… I’m just saying the speed at which things were arriving was too fast. It's why I assume it was a roving 'bot.

It’s sad really. If I’m going to be threatened, I’d prefer it if it was at least grammatically correct. So many typing short cuts, it makes one look… well, uneducated. And then the actually writing and language used? Yup.

What’s actually sad is that I think I just slagged the uneducated. I didn't mean to. Just because one is uneducated doesn’t mean they are abusive or antagonistic or trollish.

So I apologize to the so-called uneducated. Like the American president says: “ I love the uneducated.“ Unh-huh. I mean mine in a way 180-degrees different from him.

I would also like to apologize to Fiona and Shrek, two trolls I like.

What I meant to say was stoopid is, as stoopid does.

I never responded once to any of the comments left… I just noted each as spam, which removes it from the active blog.

You can see what sort of stuff was sent - but be warned - there is NSFW language. Clicking on the image should make it larger, and thus more legible:

The idea is to get one all riled up, obviously… but the phone number and e-mail? And the name of : Sikandar Nirmal Singh… Riiiiight.

However... there is an Instagram account under that name… apparently with the notation of @ihatewesterntrash.

Hey! I’m western trash! Finally. Same person? Maybe. Maybe not. I need to look deeper.

See… not Brown enough for India, not white enough for Canada, not British enough because I’m Brown, not Japanese enough because I’m a gaijin outsider.

Ha. Welcome to my world. I’m sure quite number of you can relate on different levels, and even about different things.

The important thing to remember is… this type of stuff is the real minority. 

Andrew Joseph


  1. Wow. I think what disturbs me most is that the frequency of the attack appears to indicate it is a bot, but the attack appears targeted to your content. If your blog was picked randomly, the people who program these bots are a bunch of nasty buggers. Imagine what they can do with an army of bots attacking a specific topic ...

    1. Yeah - the fact that it attacked specific content - and even used my name in the comments a couple of time was at first worrying, but then... I figured it was just a four-hour onslaught so I assume it was just a bot. And yeah, a complex bot.

    2. Been fighting with this bug — Ursnif — which has been targeting banks in Japan lately. We are at war, but it’s a global cyberwar of which most people aren’t really aware. I sound like a conspiracy theorist (but I am not ... really!)

      Starting US Thanksgiving Holiday a little early, and sending best regards to you and your family. Tagay!

  2. I am sorry that happened to you. A bot or not, that is really inhumane. No matter what everyone said, this blog is my favorite!!

    1. Thanks, buddy... wait... no matter what everyone says? Ha! I'll assume you meant "what anyone" says and take your concern and compliment!
      The attack seems to be a one-off, 4-hour onslaught meant to cause worry and panic. It did for a few minutes... and again the next night as I awaited more... but it never came. Cheers!

    2. that was so bad haha

      I did not see that mistake haha

    3. No worries - I knew what you meant, but between friends, I figured I could give you a dig :)