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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market Catches Fire

From CBC News… raw footage of the 80-year-old Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo catching fire on August 3, 2017 (Tokyo time).

Seven buildings were destroyed, but luckily no one was hurt.

The Tsukiji "inner" market, where most seafood wholesalers are located and world-famous tuna auctions are carried out at dawn, was not affected.

The fire took place in the so-called “outer” market - the restaurant area where tourists and visitors can go and eat fresh seafood and sushi et al

As evidenced by the video, some 66 fire trucks and their crews put out the blaze that encompassed about 935 square feet of shops and restaurants.

Officials are at a loss to explain how the blaze started, at this time, and are equally confused as to how all those sea fish ended up so far in-land. Kidding.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Yeah!! I did heard about that! Are the police trying to find out who or what caused the fire?

    1. Still haven't heard about a cause... but I'm sure it wasn't on purpose...