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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Coming Of Age Day 2018

Here's an interesting photo from a Coming of Age day celebration in Yokohama from January 8, 2018.

The holiday is held annually on the second Monday of January to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old) over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults.

While the photo makes it seem like it's just for women, it is for the young men, too.

While the women look resplendent in their kimono, I wanted to point out how many of them are holding phones.

I count six, but I could assume many more are simply not being held high enough for us to see.

Who the hell are they calling?

Everyone they know is there... friends, family, boyfriends... why do they need their phones?

Tradition sure ain't what it used to be.

Andrew Joseph

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