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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Even Cats Hate Natto

Above is a funny photo I saw on Twitter from @ThatDanRyan, who posted that cats will lick their own butts, but won't eat natto. (see HERE for tweet)

The cat in his photo above merely sniffed around at the natto maki, a sushi made with natto as its central "tasty" ingredient. Natto, is of course, a rotting and fermented soybean that is left wet and covered in a damp cheesecloth until it becomes slimy and gooey and sticky and smelly and to half the Japanese population(including cats, it seems) and to all gaijin not name me. To those who hate natto, it is uneatable.

The other half - the eastern and north half of Japan know that natto, while still a smelly mess, is very good for you. Though I suppose one could just eat regular soy beans.

For my version of how natto was created (all tongue in cheek), click HERE to read and be amused by the story of Ralph Tochigi, a story written back in June of 2010. It's my buddy Rob's mother's favorite story, so you know it's good.

Her favorite is either that one or my "The Letters From The Corinthians To Paul." (Hey, if he was writing to the Corinthians, one must expect they were writing back. I assumed so and made up a story... wanna see it? One day soon. I did write it in Japan, so maybe that counts.)

Andrew Joseph

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