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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gimme 12 more hours

Hi folks... nothing to write home about right now... on Wednesday, yet another day off, I spent time at work unpacking (and stuck in traffic), doing work for work, writing a book report with my son, and doing some back-breaking shoveling of frozen, plowed snow on a hockey rink for a community project... and I'm relaxing and trying to warn up by watching the second Avengers movie.

I know... warm-up... for my friends in Pennsylvania and the Boston area... I know that sounds hollow considering the beating you guys have had and are about to have via the weather.

Still... I have nothing to write about at this time, but after I wake up tomorrow, do some work for work, I'll get right on to writing a blog for January 4. Promise.

Though if anyone has a simple topic or video they want to share...

See you soon... even though this particular blog will self-destruct in 12 hours.

Andrew Joseph


  1. This blog will self-destruct in 1 minute ... good luck, An-dor-ryu!

    1. I think I made it. I actually stayed up late till 3AM to do some of the work on the next blog. Ugh.
      Off to see Star Wars on Friday and an AHL Toronto Marlies game on Saturday after the boy has his own hockey game. The boy is coming to all, too.