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Monday, January 22, 2018

I Predict The Future With A Look Into The Past

Sometimes, I am waaaaay ahead of the curve.

Back while I was in Japan between 1990-1993, I wrote a 200-page story in 1991 about Adam and Eve and their eternal punishment for having defiled the Garden of Eden, being forced to be reborn and die shortly after meeting one another throughout the annals of history and into the future until Earth destroys itself and creation, or recreation, begins anew with Adam and Eve getting a second chance.

The story was my epic Simon and Billie story, which I presented here in the blog beginning HERE called "The Adventures Of Simon And Billy"...

The story idea first arose while I was at the bicycle rack in front of my apartment building in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, and noticed a dead frog near my bike, and a squashed mouse close by.

My imagination conceived of a short story of just how the frog and mouse (that I named Simon and Billy) just happened to end up in front of my apartment complex - their life, if you will - and how they died.

When I came to the end of the story, I realized I hadn't come to the end of Simon and Billy - at least not really. So I wrote another short story, and another and another until it all came together as a 19-chapter story.

I think it's funny, sad, romantic and quite brilliant for something I wrote in a week after work and at work.

Anyhow, one of the stories involved Simon and Billy being reborn as neighboring villagers (this time as boy and girl) in an Incan society, whereby they were chosen to be sacrificed by a Shaman who had a recurring role throughout the story, essentially as The Devil, but better known as Mr. Nasta.

It's obviously Mr. Satan via an anagram (or Mr. Santa)... but since the heroes were named Simon and Billy and possessed the souls of Adam and Eve, well... I had only just begun writing short stories a mere six months earlier after arriving in Japan in August of 1990, so perhaps my youthful naivety can be excused... or perhaps it lends itself to the quaintness of the story. Whatever. I make no excuses... it's still a fun story.

Regarding the Incan chapter, you can and should re-read Chapter 13 of the story HERE. I've already given you the gist of the story above... something I don't really do in the actual story until a few chapters later.

I just discovered on Sunday morning after midnight, while traveling down through the rabbit hole that is the Internet, that back in 1999 (about eight years after I completed my story), scientists actually found something - a scene reminiscent of that Incan story arc.

The story tells of scientists finding three mummies of Incan children (read about it HERE or see it below):

Volcanoes are pretty frightening, but do you know what makes them even scarier? Finding 3 dead Incan children from 500 years ago frozen and intact, that’s what! In 1999, near the Argentinian volcano of Llullaillaco the discoveries were made. An autopsy indicated that the kids had eaten the raw form of cocaine from cacao leaves. Historians say that their deaths were actually sacrifices, and even go as far as saying that the eldest of the children may have led the others to their death.

Llullaillaco... the very same volcano I wrote about in the chapter, and also that the kids were drugged and then sacrificed to the gods. My story also takes place in 1525AD... 474 years previous... so pretty damn close that guesstimate of 500 years ago mentioned above. My story takes place in Peru, while reality of where the mummies were found on the volcano is on the other side, in Argentina. Hey! I picked the right volcano, didn't I?

The image above shows the preserved remains of one of the Incan children scientists found in 1999.

You all better hope I'm not right about what the future holds, because it's all going to hell in a handbasket around 20160AD... you know recreation. You can pronounce it however you wish: Recreation or re-creation.

That was God's point. As a writer, I am akin to a god in the way I make my characters act or not act, so it's my point.

Anyhow... re-read my old story, I think you'll enjoy the gags in it.

Yes, sometimes, I am waaaaay ahead of the curve. Then again, the scientist made this discovery in 1999, so even though I am waaaaay ahead of the curve, I'm actually waaaaay behind it.
Andrew Joseph
PS: Strangely enough the image at the very top was found on the Internet showing a sparrow eating a dead mouse.

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