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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Japanese Funk By Hitomi Tohyama

I found this cool "funk" song by Japanese singer Tohyama Hitomi, and her 1983 song Wanna Kiss...

The unorthodox English spelling of Hitomi "Penny" Tôyama (aka 当山ひとみ) aside, she was born on December 28, 1957, in Okinawa-ken, Japan.

Her first album was in 1981 with the Columbia Records Japan release of Just Call Me Penny, two 1982 albums: On The Radio, and Heart Full of L.A Mind, 1983’s Next Door, and セクシィ・ロボット? Sexy Robot in 1983 that spawned the song Wanna Kiss.

In 1985 she released Human Voice and Five Pennys, Hello Me in 1986, followed by One Scene, and Lady Ballad in 1987. Both Imagination, and Watch Out! (気をつけろ) in 1988, After 5:00 Story in 1989, and her last full-length album, 1992’s 胸さわぎ.

And that, is pretty much all I could find out about her, save that CDs of her work were re-released in 2009. I assume she was fairly popular, what with Columbia Records Japan releasing so many albums.

Her musical style is soul/funk... and I have to admit I, despite being a suburban punk, really like funk.

Actually, I first came across the video about a year ago, and when I heard it, I wandered down the Internet rabbit hole searching for Japanese funk that I might have a listen to and write about... and while I found plenty to listen to, I didn't feel like writing about it.

Yesterday's Man with 21 Faces, and today's blog is me doing a little pre-Spring cleaning of my blog's draft section... getting rid and posting articles I started months and months ago.

I think I only stopped writing about this one because I couldn't find enough information. Now, it's 2018, and I'll just apologize for not finding more information, and instead ask you to have a listen to some decent funk.

For me, however, I'm not much into funk singing, but instead like to be swayed by the music sans singing. I like singing (not me personally), but just not for this musical genre.

Whatever... the music is funky!

Andrew Joseph

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