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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Japanese Kayaker Spikes Rival With Steroid

Fortunately, this is just Japan on Japan stupidity.

Japanese kayaker Suzuki Yasuhiro (surname first), 32, has been banned from competition for eight years after it was revealed he spiked a drink of Japanese rival Komatsu Seiji (surname first), 25, with an anabolic steroid so he would fail a doping test.

The Japan Canoe Federation began investigating after Komatsu tested positive but denied ever taking drugs.

Perhaps the guilt got to him, but Suzuki then admitted to adding the steroid methandienone into his drink.

The incident is Japan’s first case of an athlete failing a doping test due to deliberate contamination, according to the Japan Anti-Doping Agency, which handed down the eight-year ban.

To me, eight-years is stupid. It should be for life.

While I understand that the chances of a now 32-year-old remaining competitive after an eight-year ban is slim, Japan's Anti-Doping Agency should not have even left open the chance of him returning.

I'm not going to stand on my ivory soapbox and say that taking steroids is bad. It is.

I took the steroid androstenedione years ago when trying to build my body up, and quit after I could feel my body vibrating in anger after a workout at the gym. 

For something as heinous as doping another person... this is a criminal offense anywhere outside of sport.

For those that don't know, steroids help remove the barrier that keeps back all of the testosterone in the body. Some steroids lower the wall more allowing more testosterone into the system. The more testosterone, the faster the body recovers after a workout, allowing one to train faster and more often.

It does not build muscle. You still have to workout to get whatever muscle-building benefits one is seeking.

Yeah... I was stupid. But I still would never have taken it if I was involved in any sport of competition, and I sure as heck wouldn't have tried to spike a competitor to remove him from a competition.

That's cheating at its worst, if there are differences. They should just have banned him for life.

Andrew Joseph

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