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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Japanese Yakuza Boss Arrested Because Of His Tattoos

 I don’t have any tattoos upon myself, as I simply never found anything I wanted to decorate my skin with, have few clean spots to put one on, and prefer to limit the number of needles being injected into my skin… IE, I’m not a fan of needles.

I certainly don't have anything against tattoos, either. I like the ink art, and find women with some ink quite sexy, though they probably were sexy long before they showed me their tats. I spelled that correctly.

I figure that as long as they have some deep inner meaning, then more power to you. Why else would you feel the need to get one? It is after all, a permanent commitment to changing the way you look.

For those of you who lack a tattoo, and may never have seriously considered it... just think for a moment... what art would you put on your body? A dragon, a butterfly, the Aztec/Mayan calendar? How about a Japanese kanji? You better be sure you know how to write it and exactly what it means... I'm not judging. Now where would you put it and why?

I know a few women who have tattoos on their shoulder blade... and while that's great for the guy you are with, how do you see it? It's for you, isn't it?

Me? I appreciate the view, but shouldn't you as well?

In Japan, while more and more young people are breaking with social traditions and are getting tattoos for themselves, the art of ink has long been considered to be the purvey of the country’s mob organization known as the yakuza.

For one retired yakuza crime boss living in Thailand, photos of his yakuza tattoos and of his missing pinkie finger have led to his arrest.

Shirai Shigeharu, 72, was arrested in Lopburi, Thailand on January 10, 2108 after being on the run from police for more than 14 years.

A local Thai was taking photos and noticed a small, frail looking man playing checkers on the street-side, and noticed his full on-display of tattoos and his missing finger.

After transgressions within the yakuza, members are allowed to regain loyalty within by cutting off the top knuckle of a finger - usually the pinkie and then others as required… though I would imagine that at some point in time, continuing to lop off one’s digit just ain’t going to cut it, if you know what I mean.

That Thai who spotted Shirai snapped a few photos and then posted them on-line where it went viral, capturing the attention of Japanese police.

Shirai had been the boss of the Kodokai, an affiliate of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest yakuza gang.

He was wanted on murder charges for killing a rival gang boss.

While I think it highly unlikely that he actually pulled the trigger, it is possible he ordered the hit.

During that action, seven members of the Kodokai gang were caught and jailed for between 12-17 years.

After Japanese police became aware of Shirai in Thailand, they contacted the local police and asked them to arrest him.

Shirai, to his credit, has kept his nose clean, it seems, keeping a low profile and receiving packets of money two or three times a year from a visiting Japanese.

Shirai does not have a passport or visa and thus was arrested for having entered the country illegally, which mans he could be extradited to Japan where he would face the Japanese murder charge.

Shirai has said he did not kill that yakuza rival, but has claimed that in the past he was bullied by him.

Again, while I’m not saying that Shirai hasn’t killed someone prior to ascending to his gang’s leadership, once he’s the leader there is no reason for him to physically commit any crimes. He could order a murder to be committed which I believe is conspiracy to commit murder, which is just as bad as having pulled the trigger himself.

Sadly, the most horrific thing about the whole thing is Shirai wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap during his arrest.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Bad publicity for the Yankees for sure.

    1. As a Toronto Blue Jays fan, this might be the only chance I get to slag the Yankees this year. They look very, very good.

    2. or bad publicity for the Japanese "Yankii's"