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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sony's Robot Dog Aibo Is Back

For those of you with allergies to dogs, might I suggest the new and improved Aibo robot dog from Sony.

Originally available until 2006 when it was discontinued, Aibo is back as a cuter and smarter pooch.

Aibo has a camera in its nose, a microphone to pick up voice commands and can move 22 articulated parts of its body.

For comparison, click HERE to see what the old pooch looked like.

While it is only available in Japan right now, the approximately CD $1800 robot canine began shipping there on January 11, 2018.

For $1800, I could get a new dog or three... but then I'd have all that poop to scoop. So there are benefits to having a robot dog.

Plus.. there's no slobber.

It really is the Year of the Dog!

Andrew Joseph


  1. And the SONY dog would probably listen better than a real dog.

    1. Well... probably true... and he wouldn't puke all over the house after eating a 5lb bag of sugar like the last dog, Buster, did.