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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Japanese Owl Flies Down Parking Lot At 100 kph In 1.89 seconds

Hmmm, maybe those headlights give the Owl the owl appearance.
The Aspark Owl supercar. Who?

Puns aside, the Japanese supercar, the Owl,… an electric car… recently ran a 1.89 second 0-100 kilometers per hour (0-62 miles per hour) - an absolutely stupid speed done February 11, 2018 in some place in Tochigi-ken, my old home prefecture.
Sadly, this is the nicest back end I've seen in a while. It's winter hear in Toronto.

The Owl hit the triple-digits after just 27 meters (88 feet). What’s impressive, is that the speed run wasn’t even done on a real race track. It was done in a parking lot, as the electric (!!!) car took off with a non-classical automobile whine and just as quickly the driver had to slam the brakes less he slam into a wall directly in front of him.

You can see a YouTube video of it HERE.
Look at that side-paneling... not sure if there's anything there resembling an Owl, but who the heck cares?

The 1.89 second achievement makes it .01 seconds faster than what the Tesla Roadster can do, the Elon Musk car company that says it has a top speed of over 250 miles per hour (402.3 kilometers per hour) and a single charge range of 620 miles (997.8 kilometers).  

Now, to be fair, the Owl did use hot tires in this test run, but whatever…

When it comes to supercars and top speeds, a truism is that electric vehicles have a virtually limitless potential top speed with the greatest limitation being the tire to street interface.

In two years time, Aspark plans on bringing the Owl into production for us average people with US$4 million-plus in their pocket to purchase - with plans to offer 50 vehicles.
Gull wings are always way more cool than scissor or butterfly doors, but I have a fondness for suicide doors, though that wouldn't have looked good on the Owl.

These sleek looking cars have gull wings, a true digital dashboard, and a steering wheel that has more buttons on it than when you tried to BeDazzle that sweater back in the 1980s with sequins. Okay, sequins aren’t buttons, but I just wanted to utilize the BeDazzler.

Weighing an unladen (no driver) 850 kilograms (1,874 pounds), the carbon-fiber Owl’s maximum power output is one 429 horsepower (320kW)… or for you grease monkeys who believe torque is more important, it has 764 Nm (563 pounds - feet) of torque.

Right-hand drive? Ugh.
The car runs on a 300-volt, 2,000 amp 4-wheel drive system powered by a combination of supercapacitors and batteries with an as yet unknown capacity or range.

Should you buy one? Maybe.. but the Tesla Roadster which will be more readily available is only going to cost my next wife a mere US $200,000, and will have four seats, meaning that unlike the Owl, you will NOT have to open the door, lie on the ground and roll in.

I'm not sure if this is comfortable seating or something to prevent the G-forces from turning your front into your back.
For the extra one or 2/100ths of a second, you will get a Tesla that is generally a car that you could drive the whole family in, especially those with the standard 2.2 kids… and you can still have enough oomph to pull into a parking space to make sure no one snipes that space you were waiting for.

Best work on your braking, however.  

Still… for now, the Owl rules the asphalt. 

Andrew Joseph

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