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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Japan's Bunny Rabbit Movement

I had a rabbit for a pet when I was a kid... a little black male rabbit named Happy. When we gave him to a rabbit farm for a better life, he was immediately jumped on and humped, thereby confirming that my family had no way of telling a male female from a male rabbit. Sorry... no photos... I think.

By the way... have you ever seen rabbit poop? It looks just like Coco Pebbles or Count Chocula, two cereals I refused to eat for years after we got rid of Happy... and now they don't make either cereal anymore.
A different type of rabbit movement created this poop.

Of course, there is still Nesquik.
To me, this is just weird... a male (?) rabbit chowing down on a Nesquik cereal that may or may not look just like rabbit poop.
I’ve never been sure of just why Japan likes rabbits.

Then again... who besides a certain black duck and a certain bull doesn’t love rabbits?
Ahhhh... Bully For Bugs... one of my favorites... but you have to watch the original cartoon... not the edited crap they usually have on TV nowadays. What a nincowpoop.

But still Japan, like it does with anything it becomes involved in, prefers to take things to another level.

For example:

There are rabbit cafes where you can go and have a coffee and pet a bunny.. though I would avoid spilling hot java on one, less you get a hot, cross bunny. Sorry… that’s an Easter joke. Too soon.

Then there’s the Ōkunoshima Island, an island inhabited with thousands of the furry buggers - enough to drive  Elmer Fudd wild with NRA desire.  I think. In the US, you are allowed to hunt with your guns, aren’t you?
... that moment just before they attack... and they smell your fear.
And then there’s Usagi Yojimbo, a famous indie comic book in the west about a samurai rabbit - love that book.  But why a rabbit?

And… I’m pretty sure that when I was in Japan I saw one hockey game that featured two Japan League teams, one of whom was wearing a yellow jersey with a cartoonish rabbit’s head as the main logo. Oh yeah… the Seibu Prince Rabbits.

Suzuki Takahito (surname first) - captain of the Seibu Prince Rabbits.
Which brings me to today’s topic… a Japanese music group known as Takeshi Terauchi And Bunnys

Terauchi Takeshi (surname first, 寺内タケシ) was born January 17, 1939 in Tsuchiura-shi (Tsuchiura City), Ibaraki-ken (Ibaraki Prefecture), Japan.

Sometimes known as Terry, he is a superb instrumental rock guitarist. His preferred guitar is a black Mosrite with a white pickguard with a sound characterized by frenetic picking, heavy use of tremolo picking, and frequent use of his guitar's vibrato arm.

Terauchi started his career playing rhythm guitar for a country and Western act "Jimmie Tokita and The Mountain Playboys", which had bassist Chosuke Ikariya.

In 1962 he formed his first group, The Blue Jeans.

However, in 1966 he left the group and formed Takeshi Terauchi And Bunnys. Their first album - with a YouTube link to the music, was called Seichô Terauchi Bushi, which apparently means "Let's Go Bushi"...

There's not much information on Terauchi... so I'll just borrow from Wikipedia

In May 1967, he started up his own record company called "Teraon".

He won the "arrangement award" with the song "Let's Go Unmei" at the 9th Japan Record Awards in 1967.

He left the Bunnys in 196 and reformed the Blue Jeans in 1969 - and are still playing together now.

Wow... how badly did the guys in the Bunny's piss this guy off?

 Anyhow... here's the full album: Seichô Terauchi Bushi:

To be fair, I may actually have listened to a Liverpool, UK music ground known as Echo and the Bunnymen...a sortta pseudo-punk of its era... though I don't hear it much now.

In 1981, Terauchi was awarded The United Nations Peace Medal.

That's nice. Why did he get this award?

I decided to look this up:

While three Japanese people have been awarded the United Nations Peace Medal, there's no Terauchi on this list.

Anyhow... I'll just leave things at that and hop away back to my hole in the ground.

Ohhhh, there ain't no place like a hole in the ground,
Andrew Joseph
I'm pretty sure I know what's up, doc... but she's a Rabbit through marriage only. That lucky, lucky Roger.
 PS: And because we are talking about rabbits... let's end with the world's most famous bunny... no, not Jessica Rabbit, but Bugs Bunny:

PPS: This blog was originally going to just be about the guitar group... but the next thing I knew it was about something else, and then another and another and then another...

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