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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Matchbox Labels Of Japan - Part 1

I don't have a lot of information on matchbox label art in Japan, suffice to say it appears to have been a large industry there in the 1880s - 1930s (just a guess, mind you), joining Sweden, England and India as countries that were major manufacturers of the tobacco lighters.

While some are made for the Japanese market, others are obviously made for China, as well as English-speaking markets.

As for myself, I just love the artwork - especially the color ones where the label art just pops!

I'll just shut my pie-hole and present images of some cool-looking matchbox label art:

Made, I am guessing, for the market in India, this label features the four-armed Kali the destroyer with bloody hands holding a severed head as an ad for "Kali Safety Match" - nothing safe about that. The same art is also on the Esavia India Match Factory of Calcutta, INdia.

These are called Hercule Matches (when made in Sweden)... but Tata & Sons is a company from India founded in 1868, still owned and operated by the Tata family.

Andrew Joseph

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