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Friday, February 9, 2018

Not Mature-Enough Royal Postpones Wedding

Well... this is a first for me.

Japanese Princess Mako postpones marriage to Komuro Kei (surname first) because they feel they aren't mature enough yet.

However, in my opinion, just by postponing the wedding, the two have shown an incredible amount of maturity.

Granted, in this case, any blow-back from not having the wedding as planned in November of 2019, such as costs for booking a hall, the ceremony et al... well, that's not their problem.

The two say they are planning to hold off on the wedding until at least some time in 2020... ergo no set date.

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, the couple, who are both 26-years-old, issued a statement about marrying so soon: "It is because of our immaturity and we just regret it."

According to CNN, the royal household stated that Princess Mako "came to recognize the lack of time to make sufficient preparations."

So which is it? Needing more time to prepare a wedding, or being immature?

Given the celebrity status being afforded Princess Mako and non-royal Komuro, are they really planning the wedding themselves like the non-royal would do? (I was going to say Commoner, but that just sounds derogatory to all non-royalty, despite me knowing its meaning)?

The wedding of Mako and Komuro is big news in Japan... and was to be a lead-in to the abdication of current Emperor Akihito (the princesses' great-uncle) on April 30, 2019, paving the way for Crown Prince Naruhito (Mako's mom's eldest brother) to taking over as Japan's Emperor.

Now, while Princess Mako is expected to give up her royalty in order to wed the non-royal Komuro, her status of having been a royal is still quite high on Japan's list of things that are cute and cool.

As such, I would  not assume that her wedding would be anything less than a bit of pomp and circumstance.

The conspiracist in me wonders if perhaps Komuro did something egregious... something that is making Princess Mako having second-doubts about things... something showing a distinct lack of maturity on his part... and short of coming out and saying "there ain't gonna be no wedding" to maintain a spot of decorum for her royal family and to not castrate her beau, perhaps the delaying of the marriage and the wish to wait a while until they are more mature, is merely a smokescreen before the whole wedding is eventually called off.

At least they can show we were forewarned... and that no matter what the real reason is, it can simply be written off as the couple being unable to reach a level of acceptable maturity.

To reiterate, at no time has it been suggested that Komuro has done anything untoward, nor has the Princess... I'm just saying I don't really believe the "official" reason of a lack of maturity.

Or the other "official" reason of needing more time to plan the wedding.

The dual reasons—when one would suffice—one from the Princess and one from the royal household are why I hold it all with a degree of suspicion of it smelling like last week's natto.

I had this poster on the outside of my bedroom door for a decade or more (even while I was in Japan).
Andrew Joseph

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