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Friday, February 23, 2018

Pet Sweat - The Japanese Drink For Pets - Updated

I'm unsure if Pocari Sweat was the worst drink I ever had while in Japan... it may have been because i predisposed not to like it because it had the word "sweat" in its brand name.

All I can tell you is that even though I might have been dehydrated, regardless of its supposed hydrating promise, the taste was horrible.

That's just my opinion, and need not be yours.

As for the drink pictured in the photo above, we have Pocari Pet Sweat - no, not for people, rather it's a drink for pets... and judging by the graphic on teh label - just for dogs.

Considering my last dog would sometimes eat his own poo, he might actually enjoy Pet Sweat, a drink cultivated expressly for dogs that work out.

Most dogs that are active, will sweat... or at least that's sorta what the whole panting, tongue hanging out thing is about.

Would Pet Sweat actually be helpful to a panting dog? Sure.

Would said dog consider it a horrible taste? Not my poop eating dog, surely. Pet Sweat is calcium-fortified water.

If you've ever had water that was heavy in calcium - IE from poor taps, you might not think that having calcium in a drink is good for you.... but perhaps it's okay.. in limited doses.

For example, a person sitting on their butt watching the Olympics should probably not drink Gatorade... because the body doesn't require the salts that are in it. (I like Blue flavor.)

(Yes, I know blue is not a flavor.)

But how about calcium-fortified water for your pet? When does the dog need that extra calcium? Why isn't water good enough? Just what sort of activities is your dog doing that requires an injection of calcium in its water?

Only you the pet owner who gives their pet Pet Sweat can answer that.

Still.. there's probably a reason why this drink hasn't caught on in North America... or Europe...

Anyhow... neither it seems did Pet Sweat catch on in Japan... as this 2008 debut doesn't seem to be around now.

Fortunately, no animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

By the way... for my poo-eating dog... I would slip him a Listerine breath strip to at least freshen that breath should he come near me. I like to think it worked and killed any bacteria in his mouth that was there from his horrible, horrible meal.

Addendum: Hours after this was publisher, General Mills announced the purchase of Blue Buffalo Pet Products, a "wholesome" pet food manufacturing company for a cool US$8-billion

Shows what I know... perhaps Pet Sweat was simply ahead of its time...

Andrew Joseph

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