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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Soup For Sluts

Despite the obvious thought that some Japanese company has created a brand using English it thought was proper but really isn't, what we have here is the repackaging of real Japanese ramen noodles in a clever marketing ploy.

Welcome to the world of Blue Q, obviously a company run by a bunch of guys with a "youthful" sense of humor.

I'm unsure how or why a package of instant ramen noodles is even remotely "soup for sluts", but the rest of their products may be a tad "one the money" indicating they know what they are talking about.

Along with the aforementioned spicy vegetable flavored Soup For Sluts brand (see image above), Blue Q is also the brand owner of:

Wasted & Broke - aka spicy beef

Hello Lazy - chicken flavored

Din Din Fuk Chow - shrimp flavored
I would be blown away if Din Din Fuk Chow actually includes a large shrimp as posed in the photo - but what do I know.

I certainly do eat instant ramen - every once in a while, but I add my own ingredients to pack of "flavor" that comes with it - a raw egg before I add the boiling water and let sit for three minutes. I then stir up the concoction so that the soup takes on an yellow-egg color, with bits of the yolk solid and intact enough to be a visible ingredient.

Then, after stirring, I add a fair bit of a bonito-sesame seed-seaweed flaked topping for that extra zing.

As for these "blue-sounding" Asian ramen delights, there's nothing to stop you from adding your own cooked shrimp, sliced hard-boiled egg or chunks of barbecued spicy beef... then again, if you did all that you'd hardly wasted and broke or lazy, as that takes cooking coordination.

Again... I still don't see how a spicy vegetable pack of ramen is even remotely indicative of what a "slut" might gobble down, and chalk up the branding as a trite effort at being funny.

It was certainly eye-catching, but aside from curious frat boys purchasing it to show their friends, or more than likely, just snapping a photo of it and distributing it about social media, who in their right mind is buying the product.

You've already alienated the slut population - both male and female... and I freely admit that I was a male slut for a few years - and I wouldn't purchase that product.


Poor taste aside, the products look appetizing enough, but each pack costs US$2.99 for the three ounce (85 gram) product... so if you are willing to pay more than the standard $0.50 for an instant ramen pack, you are purchasing the Blue Q instant ramen for sheer shock value amongst your male friends... though I can see mean girls purchasing the "slut" brand for their frienemies.

I don't judge, so if you would like to see what Blue Q has for sale - there's some real admittedly funny stuff for sale - check out their website at

Andrew Joseph


  1. I like the tag line for Soup for Sluts -- Cheap, Fast, Easy! Not much different from Pasta Puttanesca ...

    1. Ha-ha! I suppose THAT's why it was slutty! cheap fast and easy - I didn't even notice! I must be getting old.