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Monday, February 26, 2018

Vere Ist Der Apple Jews?

The above apple drink from Mr. Juicy is NOT a Japanese drink, and I only include it here because the drink utilized a variety of apple known as Fuji Apple...

The Fuji apple is an apple hybrid developed by growers at Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki-machi (Fujisaki Town), Aomori-ken (Aomori Prefecture), Japan, in the late 1930s, and brought to market in 1962.

Before being grown as its own variety, the Tohoku Research Station created it by crossing two American apple varieties: the Red Delicious and old Virginia Ralls Genet (sometimes cited as "Rawls Jennet") apples.

Anyhow... I know it's not just me, but when Mr. Juicy rebranded itself in August of 2014 with imagery to stand out on the grocery store shelf in Hong Kong, it seems to have done so with fellow WWII Axis member Adolph Hitler (of Germany).

Yes... the Fuji Apple flavor of Mr. Juicy appears to adorned with der Fuehrer, himself.

Seriously... there's a reason no one wears that mustache style anymore... Hitler... one of the most vile individuals to have ever walked upon this planet.

Yes, before Hitler, comedians such as Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hardy (Laurel & Hardy) had the tiny mustache... unique features that made each instantly recognizable as they would wiggle it on screen to comedic relief.... until Hitler came around and made sure that the only people who could dare wear it would be a guy who had a full mustache, and was shaving it off... guys will always (usually) (or is it just me) shave off the ends to recreate that Hitler 'stache... only to reluctantly shave it off moments later as common sense and common decency wins out.

And then there's Mr. Juicy.

Does the Mr. Juicy brand owner believe that 70+ years is enough for the world to get over Hitler, and that it's okay to bring back his mini mustache... or this was simply their attempt to NOT look like Hitler and failed with the mini mustache...

... after all the character on the bottle seems to be wearing samurai garb as he is in the process of replacing his katana sword back in its scabbard after slicing the Japanese Fuji apple...

Mr. Juicy fails. There's that Hitler hair.

Seriously... a Japanese Hitler in samurai garb and sword cutting up a Fuji apple replete with Hitler mustache and hair...

Who do you blame?

Client: Citrus Growers International;
Brand: Mr. Juicy;
Creative Agency: The Gate Worldwide;
Creative Team: Denise Wong, Sonic Choy, Kym Ma, Cecilia Lam, Lai Ming Lok;
Account Management Team: Maggie Wong, Rachel Chan, Janice Ng;
Illustrator: Suntur.

Seriously... did no one look at the artwork and say... hey... Suntur... this dude looks like Hitler?

If they said that they were only following creative orders from The Gate Worldwide, then there is more shame to blame. Even to Citrus Growers International... I don't care if everyone involved is only 30 years old or younger... we're talking about one of the most infamous faces of evil.

For shame.

Holy crap... even the apple beside the bottle looks like Hitler.
In the photo above that shows the three-bottle rebranding of Mr. Juicy, we have the Hitler Apple Jews, sorry juice, the guy in the middle hawking Orange, and the sweaty guy on the right pumping iron selling a low-sugar orange version.

Okay... that's all for now. No need for me to get up in arms about an almost four-year-old rebranding in Hong Kong. But people... WTF?!

I don't have a problem with the samurai garb for the Fuji Apple flavor - very smart... but no one wears that mustache style or that hair style in Japan... you could easily have utilized a classic blue scalp:
Artists have been using the blue to represent a shaved scalp on a warrior for centuries.
Or, failing that, they could have had the juice bottle figure wear a warrior helmet:
The Japanese kabuto warrior bonnet is one of the most recognizable helmets in warfare, along with the German/Prussian Pickelhaube - spiked helmet.
No... I think Mr. Juicy's people screwed up.

And... here's a story that made the news on February 28, 2018... which to me is over-blown, as I don't think the product looks like Hitler...  

 I suppose there's a likeness... but not like on Mr. Juicy!

Andrew Joseph

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