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Monday, March 19, 2018

A Brief Look At Love Hotels And The West

Thanks to Vinnie, I read an article this afternoon that tried to introduce Love Hotels as a concept to North American audiences.

Back in the day - which is old guy talk for "I remember when..." - Love Hotels were a profitable concept in Japan where young non-married adults could get away from their parents for an hour or two (and pay for an hour or two) at a hotel, have sex, and go back home in time for their girlfriend's father-imposed curfew.

My favorite place (not visited by myself and whomever I was boffing) was the Japanese chain know as 5-5-5.

In Japanese, the number five is said as "go". Now say the name: Go-Go-Go... obviously a western English term of endearment encouraging someone to have sex... go-go-go!

At a love hotel, you can purchase a room for an hour or for an overnight stay (per a regular hotel).

In Japan, because single-aged adults (is that right?) needed privacy, because well, dammit, it's just not that comfortable to try and have sex in a stick-shift Toyota Corolla... and because well, maybe you want more than just the old in and out.

Sex in a Love Hotel offered that. As they became more popular, in an effort to draw in more business, the love hotels began offering special theme rooms for its paying clientele... a Tarzan room complete with swinging vines; a Star Wars room where you can dress up as Luke and Leia (that second movie must have caused a scene when it was revealed they were brother and sister); or other such rooms later based on Japanese manga (comic books) and anime (animated films).

It was a way for the young adult to let their inner kink out.

(I had only ever been in one Love Hotel... it was the only place Ashley and I could find at a cheap enough rate after a long day of walking and shopping down in Tokyo. I fell off the round bed while attempting a maneuver. I think I was trying to sleep.)

Now, of course... love hotels in Japan are taking a beating as many a young and single adult in Japan is moving out into their own apartment... so who needs a love hotel.

Then again... young people in Japan don't seem as interested in having wet, drippy, nasty, fun sex as the generation or two before them did.

They are too busy working... not needing to date because they are too tired, or don't want to follow into the same trap as their parents... or maybe there's some other reason. People aren't sure, and blame social media and video games and other things you can do by yourself.

Sad. In my day it was a Simpsons Sears' catalog and a powerful imagination, which made you want to find out more with a real living and breathing woman.

Now with porn available everywhere, there's no need for the imagination to be stimulated.

Hmm... I wonder if I've hit upon it?

Now, I say young single adults, but in truth, up until I was there (and I can't speak for what happened after), most married men (until the mid-1990s) had a piece on the side... a mistress... who would do things for them that their married wife would not... like listen to them, and maybe whip them or stick things in their backside, or maybe even just touch them. Whatever the reason, most men seemed to have one, and while never discussed in polite company (but talking to your local gaijin (me) while drinking was ever anything but impolite), the wife seemed to know about the mistress and if they cared, they accepted it as something that was part of the Japanese culture.

Just don't get caught in public and embarrass the wife if it should come out. No... it's not really about embarrassing yourself... though that would also mean embarrassing your company and bosses, et al.

Hence... the Love Hotel was a popular place to schtup.

So you accidentally bump into your boss as you are exiting the love hotel? Who cares? You don't acknowledge each other, even though you both know why each is there... and it is never brought up in conversation... except when you are talking by yourself to that gaijin (me).

The newspaper article Vinnie mentioned to me said that for westerners, a love hotel if it existed would be great... you could slip away from the kids, spend some quality time tying each other up, and be back later that evening... only having to spend money for rental of a hotel room for an hour.

Though.. you wonder how the department of health would allow it to happen... whatever you do... don't shine a black light in the room!!!

The only thing is... westerners already are willing to rent a room for the evening to have some adult fun, whether it's with their spouse, girlfriend, mistress, or someone earning a living or putting themselves through university.

The main difference is, the hotels charge per night stay... and why would they bother short-changing themselves by offering rooms by the hour?

Still... it might drive more business...

Somewhere with a great imagination,
Andrew Joseph

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