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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Asahi Clear - Where Design Outstrips Form

What we have here, is an image of Clear Asahi beer brewed by Asahi Breweries as an happoshu style beer… a rich, but pale lager beer that doesn’t seem to have resonated with beer drinkers... and is something that is no longer produced.

IE, it doesn’t taste as good as it looks…

I, personally, hate IPA (India Pale Ale) beers of all varieties… and while the Clear Asahi isn’t an ale, but a lager, it still has the word “pale” in it, which probably means it is bitter.

I know that IPA beers are extremely popular now, but I have long preferred the white beer Blanche Du Chambly, Boddington’s Cream Ale and Guinness… the original…

I like lagers and ales, but just not IPA’s or the stupidly high alcohol percent beers that have a ton of sugar sweetness to them.

In Japan, I preferred Kirin Lager, and Asahi Super Dry, but that’s about it. I’d rather have drunk sake, vodka or rum, anyhow. Maybe a bourbon and soda.

It doesn’t matter now… I don’t really drink anymore. If I go out with my friends Nigel and Rob a few times a year, I’ll have a beer - otherwise I don’t drink much… well, except when Rob kindly buys me a bottle of sake

It’s not that I can’t drink anymore, it’s that I can, have, and have nothing to prove, as I think I took everything I did in Japan as part of some sort of inner competition. How much, how many… and now I think, how come?

I don’t think I ever drank alcohol except to excess… never enjoyment. Maybe enjoyment through excess… but still…

There was no reason, except that when I got back home from Japan and started seriously dating, I couldn’t drink AND drive, so I gave up the drinking.

It didn’t matter… I think I drank alcohol to either relax me to handle the stress of having women or not having women in my life… and maybe I just grew out of that.

I can see clearly now, the fog (sic) is gone... 

But none of that is important… at least not to you (or even to me… it just is…)

Take a look at the very cool graphic elements on the can of Clear Asahi.

Look at how that drip of beer head seems to actually be falling from the top of the can?


The beer sucks, according to the comments of the beer tasters who bothered to post such information…  but in my opinion, the package design is awesome.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Here's a video of the Johnny Nash 1972 hit I Can See Clearly Now:

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