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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Japan PM Abe Shares Commonalities With U.S. President Trump

I don’t have a pony in this race between Japan prime minister Abe Shinzo (surname first) and U.S. president Donald Trump. But I sure do enjoy a race.

First, let’s take a look at the relationship between the two leaders.

When U.S. president Trump was first elected, he commented on how Japan didn’t seem to be paying its fair share for the protection given it by the bases employed on Japan.

But when the two leaders would meet, everything was buddy-buddy… though there was that minor kerfuffle when Trump did realize the Japanese first-lady could speak very good English… but minor… amusing, but minor.

Recently, Trump has publicly attacked Japan over a perceived trade deficit, and refused to provide Japan with an exemption to new steel tariffs that was given to other allies.

Abe, was aghast that Japan wasn’t afforded the same level of diplomacy as other allies, and was further taken aback by Trump’s newfound diplomacy towards North Korea—though that was more of Trump realizing he shouldn’t have poked the bear by insinuating that the U.S. would fire missiles at the northern troublemaker that has, in the past, repeatedly test flown missiles over Japan.

These missile tests had helped Abe strengthen his ploy of wanting to re-write Japan’s Constitution, which was created (essentially) by the United States for it, at the conclusion of WWII. The crux of it is that Abe wants to revoke the part that says Japan can not have its own military.

But with South Korea and the U.S. set to meet with North Korea to avoid an escalation of hawkish behavior, Abe suddenly finds his case or a military and thus changes to Japan’s Constitution are no longer a concern for the populace.

And then there’s the popularity ratings for each. While president Trump’s popularity ratings are nothing to write home about, neither are Abe’s, as his government has recently come under fire for a slew of improprieties.

While Trump still likes to talk bombastically about Fake News, Russians working with Hillary Clinton (uh… if they were working WITH her, doesn’t that mean they were against Trump? So why would he want anything to do with Russia?)… and then there’s the whole cabinet shuffle with people he thought would be loyal to him suddenly being fired or asked to leave or “quitting freely of their own volition”… and of course Stormy Daniels.

Stormy, regardless of her profession, slept with Trump when he was married with current wife and first lady Melania.

Now, most women, even if there was a chance that something like that had happened, would be right royally pissed, and if you believe the news, her body language suggests it is true… or at the very least she believes it to have happened.

Why indeed did Trump’s personal lawyer give up his own money to pay Stormy off to keep quiet about an alleged affair?

I know, lawyers are generally very good people, who are always looking out for the best interests of the people they represent, no matter if they are guilty or innocent. Ha. I almost kept a straight face.

There’s that old joke:
Q: What do you call 10,00 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?
A: A good start.

Now, I happen to like lawyers, and thought about being one myself, but I didn’t think I would be happy doing it. I know not all lawyers are slimy or deserving to be at the bottom of the sea, but public perception of lawyers says otherwise… unless you need one, of course.

I won’t even go into the details of the story, as I’m sure you already know because you ant to know, and don’t know because it’s all fake news. Convenient, however, that everything negative is always fake news. It would seem that political loyalty strains common sense, which should NEVER be the case.

Parties… just choose the candidate who actually covers most of how you actually believe. It worked for Nazi Germany. Is that joke too soon?

Anyhow, in Japan, while Abe hasn’t slept with any hot, big-boobed “blondes” (that we are aware of), he has been implicated in a political scandal that is known as “cronyism”…

Allegations roil about that Abe’s Finance Ministry gave huge discounts in land sales to two education institutions that are linked to associates of himself and his wife… oh, and then there was the cover up.

However, the Finance Ministry last month admitted that it did alter documents relating to the sale of land in Osaka to a nationalist school with links to Akie Abe (Abe’s wife), including deleting her name and the prime minister’s name from the papers.

Abe and his wife are denying any wrongdoing, which I suppose could be true… it simply could have been an overzealous politico doing all of this in the hopes of currying political favor with Abe, and thus without Abe’s knowledge.

And then there’s the Finance Ministry sex scandal, which as far as sex scandals go, is pretty weenie.

Vice-finance minister Fukuda Junichi (surname first… I like how the word “vice” is in his job title” is accused of sexually harassing female journalists (that’s not cool) with sexually suggestive comments directed their way.

Apparently there’s audio recordings of the harassment, so it makes one wonder how he is wanting to sue Shukan Shincho magazine for defamation.

This past Monday, the magazine released an audio recording (damn those journalists) where a man says to a female reporter in a restaurant or bar: “Can I touch your breasts?”

Obviously the magazine alleges the man is Fukuda.

In a statement, Fukuda says: “I don’t think I uttered unpleasant words to a female reporter that can be labeled as sexual harassment.”

He said-fake news.

Now while the Ministry isn’t calling for his resignation yet—allegations are merely allegations until they are proven to be true or false—but has asked for any other reporters to come forward if they think they were harassed by Fukuda, telling them to contact a lawyer rather than the Ministry directly, to ensure neutrality is maintained. Good for them.

Apparently the Shukan Shincho magazine article mentions “several” women—all unidentified—as stating Fukuda made unwelcome advances or sexually comments during one-on-one meetings.

Now, this isn’t Abe, but it is his government.

After Fukuda publicly denied making the statement, the magazine posted an audio clip on YouTube, of a man (that apparently sounds like Fukuda) says: “Can I touch your breast?” “Should we have an affair when the budget is enacted?” and “I will tie your hands.”

Impressive. regardless of who is actually speaking, how quickly does the topic of bondage appear in anyone’s conversation?

In the video, the voice of the woman was removed sop as to protect her identity, but the weekly magazine reports that she had repeatedly asked Fukuda to stop the conversation. I am unaware if she actually called him by his name, because while not 100% proof (it doesn’t have to be him for her to have used that name), it does add fuel to the fire.

Fukuda says that he did not have any conversations as alleged with any female journalist, although he might have “played with words” at an entertainment establishment where “women serve customers.”

Right now, both leaders seem to be wearing their Teflon suits, as nothing seems to be sticking, regardless of the veracity of the fake news that permeates global journalism.

Abe is meeting with Trump (I believe that was supposed to have happened as of Tuesday, April 17 - yesterday)… so we’ll see if they play a cordial game of golf or attempt to whack each other with a sand wedge.

While the latter would never happen, it will be interesting to see their body language in front of the fake media later.

Everything I write is a lie,
Andrew Joseph
PS: my sign off is a paradox… if I am lying, then everything is actually true, meaning the liar (me) is lying.
If I am telling the truth, then my admission that everything I write is a lie then becomes a lie, as EVERYTHING implies EVERYTHING.

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