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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Scary Ghost Elevator Prank + 2

Okay... in honor of yesterday being April Fool's Day (ie April 1), let's have some fun.

Vinnie sent me this video, so blame him... but truthfully, I laughed my head off at at these inane Japanese pranks done for a television show... I think from around 2014. Hey... you can't say I'm not current. Well... you could, but why bother. I know it.

Now... the missus thought these were just mean, but then I used to (still do) sneak around and scare the crap out of her... or at least some pee.

Actually, I've retired, but fortunately my son has picked up the mantle.

My favorite... hmm... tough one... they were all good... but I really liked the commentary on the very last one, where the in-studio tarento (talent) described the actions akin to an erotic sea turtle laying eggs.

Where the heck did that come from? Brilliant dialogue!

Don't worry that the first half is all in Japanese... you'll get the gist.

But before we condemn the people being being pranked for their gullibility and pee puddles on the floor, ask yourself how you would react?

Me? I think I'm a brave guy... but at the same time, I don't like going down stairs into the basement with the lights off... beats me why... the people who have died didn't do so in the basement, they did so on the main floor... even in the room I am in now typing this article out...

Irrational fears dominate when the norm is no longer normal.

Is it mean? Yes. Is it funny? I think so. I guess I just have that warped sense of Japaneseness in me.

Watch... watch it all to the end. Yes, it's safe for work.

Andrew Joseph
PS: On Saturday, it was my friend Rob's birthday! Belated happy birthday, Rob. I stupidly recalled when it was 11:50PM, and too late to call.
PPS: If anybody out there watches Supernatural, this past week they had the best episode ever! A cross-over with Scooby-Doo (Where Are You?) - the first season. Yes, they did... and damn it all, it was great. I mention this because it was the second time the guys, Sam and Dean, from Supernatural were thrown into a television. That first time involved, among others, them being forced to play a Japanese game show called Nutcracker... where if they failed to answer a question correctly, a large ball would smash into their gonads. Of course the questions asked of them were all in Japanese, so no one gets away. Click HERE to an old blog of mine to see a video of that action.
PPPS: I guess I am warped.

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