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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Water, Water Everywhere

Recently I came across this water bottle (see above) at work… and because it was free, I took it... I do that at work regarding anything offered up as free, whether I want it or need it. Because it’s from work.

It’s a sickness, I admit.

Anyhow, after fending off 11 other so-called peers for the 330 ml PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)  NestlĂ© Pure Life Natural Spring Water bottle, I noticed it had a curious image and tag line on the label: You’re On A Roll!… with a graphic image of a smiling sushi in the grips of a pair of chopsticks implying it is happy it is about to be consumed.

Blood for Vaal.
(Star Trek, original series, Season 2, episode 5, 1967, episode: The Apple)

I suppose the message is one of positivity (unless you are a bit of sushi).

Somewhere now wanting sushi to wash down the water,
Andrew Joseph
PS: in case you are keeping score, in the background of the photo you can spy (l-r): a Negan collectible figure from Funko (The Walking Dead), a Diet Coke bottle (no two designs the same); a White Rock Sparkling Mineral water bottle (blue glass); a Coke bottle celebrating Canada as a bottler since 1906; a mini coke can with my name on it; and a Coke can from the 1980s featuring the so-called "original" recipe Coke. I never opened it, but the contents evaporated a looooong time ago, implying that the seal on those old cans sucked. Oh, and if you must know, that sheet of paper with highlights, shows what baseball coaching clinics I have taken... which is all that I need to take for the kid level I coach. Man, you guys are nosy.    

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