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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Weird-looking Public Restrooms

I like CNN. However, I do have a few bones to pick with the actual article HERE re: Photographer captures wacky Japanese public toilets.

I have issues with the opening line of the article, presented here: Most of us don't visit public bathrooms unless we really need to. Not Hidefumi Nakamura.

First, because of the so-called foreign nature of Japanese names to non-Japanese, stating the name "Hidefumi Nakamura" is not helpful to the reader in determining if the person is male or female. The writer only lets us in on that secret within paragraph five.

The other thing that irked me, is the writer calling his subject matter “public bathrooms”.

Unless you are taking a bath in there (along with a pee/poop), it is a washroom.  Maybe that’s all on me, however, as that’s how I differentiate them.

The only other thing that has me confused or in awe is just how our photographer took these photographs.

Number one, he is hanging around a public toilet with a camera. Jeepers creepers!

Number two, how come he was able to take the photos without people in the shots? I know he didn’t want anyone one in the photos, but I just think it’s amazing that there’s no whiff of human beans (sic) any where.

Anyhow, go and visit the CNN site to see the photos. The public washroom buildings themselves are very interesting, particularly the Oku station.


Somewhere, my pant cuffs are wet,
Andrew Joseph


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