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Saturday, May 19, 2018

98% Of Japanese Graduates Get Jobs

I was one of those guys who, after graduating college, was able to secure employment—not just one job, but rather two.

Heck, I didn’t even need to graduate college to get one of those jobs.

Although I did waste five years of my time prior to that getting a university degree in political science. Bor-rinnnnnng.

So, I suppose, since I went directly from university to journalism in college (do not pass go, do not collect $200), I wasn’t one of those school grads who went directly into the workforce in Canada.

I did leave journalism school at Humber College (in Toronto) two months early because I was the first community college journalism student to get into The Toronto Star Summer Internship Program—I guess the school figured if I could get into Canada's top newspaper internship, and proudly waving the flag for all of Canada’s college programs, then the least they could do was allow me to pass while skipping all that school. I did graduate, but I wasn't required to take the last two month's of courses or exams.

And then, because I also was accepted into the JET (Japan Exchange Teaching) Programme the day after accepting the Toronto Star internship, I was probably the first ever intern in the newspaper program to quit a month early.

I quit because I had to fly to Japan… but at least I ended up with three front-page top stories, as well as one for the Sports section, one in Entertainment, and one in the Food/Cooking section. The rest were all News pieces, but dammit, I am proud to have written about the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meeting Homer the then-Sky Dome mascot (the facility is now called The Rogers Centre), and a semi-local chili cook-off, that I covered via the telephone - mmm, that sounds like good chili.

Of course, I realize that me having one, let alone two jobs to enter immediately after finishing school was an incredible lucky thing.

In Japan, it’s pretty much expected... uh, graduating into a job, that is.

For the graduating classes of Japan’s high school and universities, some 98 percent managed to garner gainful employment.

That’s pretty impressive.

How many of those university grads studied political science? I bet they were the two percent who didn’t get a job.

The 98 percent employment rate for Japanese graduates is the highest rate since 1997, which was up by 0.4 percent in 2017.

“Companies have become increasingly eager to hire new graduates thanks to an economic recovery,” according to a Japan Education Ministry official.

Among the university graduates, the employment rate was up 0.6 point at 97.5 percent for men and up 0.2 point at 98.6 percent for women, both record highs.

The survey also showed 98.2 percent of university graduates who majored in humanities secured jobs, up 0.9 point.

By prefecture, the employment rate was the highest in Toyama-ken at 99.9 percent, followed by Fukui-ken at 99.8 percent, and Ishikawa-ken, at 99.7 percent.

Holy crap... those are awesome numbers...

Andrew Joseph
PS: Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash

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